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$ 10451 07-24-92SemWare's TSE Jr. Tips: Numbers 1-6 Compiled by Matthew Giles (SemWare Support)
$ 8803 08-24-92SemWare's TSE Jr. Tips: Numbers 6-10 Compiled by Matthew Giles (SemWare Support) Uploaded by: Matthew Giles
$ 7190 10-29-92SemWare's TSE Jr. Tips: Numbers 11-15 Compiled by Matthew Giles (SemWare Support) Uploaded by: Matthew Giles 5701 02-07-92A TSR from PC Mag that gives TSE Jr. column math ( like Wordstar ^KM ) capability 1/21/92 version Uploaded by: David Sharpe 27601 01-27-93All of SemWare's TSE Jr. Tips Compiled by: Matthew Giles 3185 10-19-94TSE Jr. 3.0 config file/emulation for Brief 3.1 502 07-08-93TSE Jr. v2.15 macro to delete blank lines from the cursor position down to the end of a file 1089 07-07-94A set of macro's for outlining blocks. Includes the ability to undelete (restore) the block to the original state. Uploaded by: Fred Grooms 2398 05-23-95WordStar/SideKick/Borland-IDE emulation file for TSE JR 5490 11-25-91Keyboard emulation file for Brief 3.1. 2048 07-19-89Clipper macros for 2.07A. Source file. 12572 08-13-89Some new macros: TSE Jr. 2.08 & Clipper, QSilvr 12803 08-13-89Some new macros for TSE Jr. 2.08 and 'C' 4271 03-19-91MultiMate Advantage 2 keyboard definition File 1664 11-13-91Macro to convert TSE Jr. date to long version. Tue 11-10-1991 = Tuesday, November 10, 1991 Uploaded by: Jonathan McRobert 4096 03-02-89dBXL/TSE Jr. Macros 3259 04-06-89IBM's E editor emulation 1046 05-07-93Macro to use the FindReplace command across the entire ring of files 2161 07-29-90Macro to Get Command From Qconfig.dat, v1.0 3430 12-02-91A TSE Jr. 2.1x macro to read an abbreviation as you type it, go to a glossary file, find the expansion and insert it in place of your abbreviation. Much easier than a macro for some things because the glossary reference is an ordinary text file. Uploaded by: Marshall Emm 6642 02-13-91WordStar 5 Keyboard definition file.
logitech.def 24411 12-22-91Logitech mouse definition file for TSE Jr. 2.15 Uploaded by: Lynn Thomas 40930 02-13-94Some TSE Jr. macros (useful ones !) Can be used with batch files for all kinds of powerful applications. Uploaded by: Leonard Knoll 1086 12-01-94Title : MISC_MAC; 8 TSE Jr. macros Keywords: MACRO Description: ASCII text file containing 8 TSE Jr. macros for use qith DOS version 2.15 or later. Includes: enhanced cursor control, delete all space lines, delete to start of line and enhanced versions of the copy character and copy space macros provided with QMAC 2.15. 11505 07-26-91Configuration of TSE Jr. for Paradox Includ. Cancel/Debug support Information on (line number) parameter Printable Function Key template Uploaded by: Ami Avivi
q.ico 766 03-23-93Alternate TSE Jr. icon for Windows Uploaded by: Neal Mason 11264 05-03-89Make TSE Jr. act like IBM's Personal Editor II 4254 02-12-90Qconfig.dat grouped by FUNCTION w/ Qhelp.Txt Uploaded by Bob Morris 3373 11-08-89Program Information File for DesqView 4096 08-16-90TSE Jr. macros to create memos with filenames 3633 02-23-89Enhanced keyboard CONFIG File and Help Screen
qed& 2551 08-02-90Some TSE Jr. macros for the LaTeX package 29192 03-09-89Super mnemonic TSE Jr. keybd w/ custom help scr 28581 02-12-90Mnemonic Keyboard & extensive help for Q2.08 6167 02-12-91WordPerfect 5.1 Keyboard definition file. 2989 11-06-91A popup mouse menu for TSE Jr.. Makes block operations easy. Uploaded by: Steve Petermann 55559 03-05-92Norton Guide data base for TSE Jr. v2.15 Contains macro language and error messages Uploaded by: Jim Tamburrino 6807 03-04-89Config/Help for WordStar superset (TSE Jr.2.07) 1676 03-08-932 macros to save all files in ring to a recall file, and recall that list as does BRIEF. One of the files has a batch file attached to emmulate the behavior (not the keyset) of BRIEF in this manner. By Bradley Small. PKzip 2.0x file. Uploaded by: Bradley Small 64362 11-10-88Various box drawing/formatting/printer macros
qhlpc215.exe 143412 02-14-92Hypertext Help for TSE Jr. (custom version) Self-Extracting Zip file by Ray Grimm (Shareware) 02/01/92 version
qhlpq215.exe 140803 02-14-92Hypertext Help for TSE Jr. (default version) Self-Extracting Zip File by Ray Grimm (Shareware) 02/01/92 version 1090 12-19-91COLORFULL ICON for OS/2 TSE Jr. Independant, CGA, EGA, VGA, 8514 modes Uploaded by: Ed June 13433 08-04-90Load files listed in text file into TSE Jr. 8583 12-14-89Mouse driver for TSE Jr., release 2. Works with any Microsoft-compatible mouse. Now compatible with the exhanced 101/102 keyboard 9247 12-14-89Alternate mouse driver for TSE Jr.. This one will let you mark line blocks, but will not work with the enhanced keyboard. By Jerry Houston. 54135 02-28-90Norton Guides database for use with TSE Jr. Now supports TSE Jr. 2.1, OS/2 and TSR! 30325 03-08-91New Version! QQhelp version 1.10. (2-24-91) Popup help, charts, printer setups. For use with TSE Jr.. Additions include DesqView compatibility, longer help, speed search in help screen. Uploaded by the author, Dale Keller. 1735 10-30-91QQhelp help text for TSE Jr. version 2.15 Uploaded by: Lynn Thomas 1493 06-04-93Slide Macros for TSE Jr. Uploaded by: Terry Cox 34511 11-06-91Find and replace words across files and directories for TSE Jr. users. You will also need QMAC macro compiler and Borland's Uploaded by: Steve Petermann 3609 03-16-89Config/Help for WordPerfect-like setup Like WP 4.2 mainly, not 5.0 9145 12-01-94Title : WordPerfect/Program Editor TSE Jr. Config & Help Keywords: TSE Jr. CONFIG HELP WORDPERFECT PROGRAM EDITOR WP PE CUSTOM Description: QCONFIG and QHELP files to customize TSE Jr. 2.15 to my personal liking, which is pretty much WordPerfect (5.1) and WordPerfect's Program Editor emulation. Fully commented, so you'll see what I've chosen to do, how and why. This is a BINARY ZIP file! Download with protocol, then run PKUNZIP or similar utility to "un-ZIP" and get at the included files. From: Andrew Funk CIS: 74756,2055 Internet: kb7uv@n2dsy.nj.usa 24785 09-10-02(08-25-02) - TeX, Arithmetic, and copy macros for TSE JR v4.0. ppcm.qms (adjust path to nums.q as needed) contains: - Macro to duplicate a line & augment the final number if present - Macro to compute the lcm (least common multiple) of some numbers mathgrps.qms contains: - TeX Macro, helps finding math groups fncycopy.qms contains: - Flexible macro to help copy useful text elsewhere. Author: Robert Cabane
startup.lzh 1986 12-22-91Startup mac that puts a comment box in new file Uploaded by: Bradley Small
startup2.lzh 2272 12-22-91This is a second version of the startup macro It now works for FORTRAN, COBOL, C, ASM, QM, BAT it still is under 500bytes... Uploaded by: Bradley Small 6891 03-27-91Macro that uses a template file for structure completion in programming 5464 08-14-95Title : Using TSE and/or TSE Jr. with TAPCIS 6.0 Keywords: TAPCIS TSE JR. EXTERNAL EDITOR MACROS STARTUP Description: Macro source code and instructions for using either TSE Pro or TSE Jr. -- or both -- as external editors with TAPCIS 6.0. Instructions show how to set up the editors and invoke the included start-up macros to split the screen when replying to messages. The author releases this information to the Public Domain. Feel free to use or modify any of the macros. Uploaded by author. (Thanks to preparing these macros.)
tsejr.ico 2238 12-19-91a Microsoft Windows icon for TSE Jr. Uploaded by: Mike Smedley 4480 07-19-89TSE Jr. config.dat file for XyWrite emulation. 35997 02-13-96A collection of TSE Jr. editor macros and definitions from Prof. Timo Salmi, University of Vaasa, Finland 2676 08-29-01(08-28-01) Macro requires TSE Jr v4.0 TSE Jr. v4.0 macro that will do an internet search for the word the cursor is currently on. NOTE: The macro's key assignment is set to #F12, which requires "Enhanced Keyboard Testing" be turned ON in TSE Jr. Author: Bruce Clark (

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