Version 4.2 of The SemWare® Editor Professional for Windows is the current shipping version of the editor.

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Version 4.0 of The SemWare® Editor Professional
for Windows

Version 4 of The SemWare Editor Professional (TSE Pro) for Windows* offers a graphical user interface (GUI) version of TSE Pro, yet is highly compatible with TSE Pro/32 v3.0. With this new release you can more fully utilize the Windows environment through:
Along with many other new features, this version also offers: *Requires Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
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(We have also updated TSE Pro/32 (Console Mode) to v4.2. Some features in the GUI version of TSE Pro v4.0 are not available in TSE Pro/32 v4.0.)

TSE Pro v4.0 (Windows) Additional Enhancements

New user-level commands:
Edit Key Macro     on the Macro menu (Keyboard Macros)
Allows editing of any currently loaded keyboard macros.
SaveAs...     on the File Menu
Now calls the new RenameAndSaveFile() command, which is a more "Windows-like" SaveAs command.
The editor's SaveAs() command is still available from the Block menu if "Write to File" is selected, when no block is currently marked.
Grep in Files     on the Search Menu
Calls the editor's grep macro.
Calculator     on the Util menu
Calls the editor's expr macro.
ToggleMaximizedWindow     (<F11>)
This command toggles the main editing window between the maximum possible screen size, and the previous window size. In the GUI version, the editing window is also maximized.
New Command-Line Option:
-y to load a file (or files) in Browse mode.
Miscellaneous enhancements: Editor Commands Editor Variables
For additional feature information, see TSE Pro v4.2 (Windows) Feature List.
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