* New for 2004 *
Version 4.2 of The SemWare® Editor Professional
for Windows

SemWare is now shipping version 4.2 of The SemWare Editor Professional (TSE Pro) for Windows.* We hope you will enjoy this GUI version of The SemWare Editor Professional. We have added many features to help you better take advantage of the Windows environment, such as:
*Requires Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
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View features of previous version (TSE Pro v4.0 for Windows)

(We have also updated TSE Pro/32 (Console Mode) to v4.2. Some features in the GUI version of TSE Pro v4.2 are not available in TSE Pro/32 v4.2.)

TSE Pro v4.2 (Windows) Additional Enhancements

Editor Commands Editor Variables  
New Key/Mouse Assignments/Menus  
Other Changes  
For additional feature information, see TSE Pro v4.2 (Windows) Feature List.
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