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Description 4272 1994-10-181LINER is a TSE v2.00 macro that converts paragraphs into long single lines for input to word processors. Do your writing with TSE, then run 1LINER on them and transfer them to your word processor for formatting and printing. Uploaded by: Jack Hazlehurst 4238 2005-08-23(Aug 21, 2005) - AbanName v3 for TSE Pro v2.5e upwards. Abandon or Keep those opened files, the names of which match or contain the string you supply. Version 2 accidentally loaded some of the files it searched through.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen v3 replaces v2 dated Jun 21, 2004 1005 1993-06-05An abbreviation macro for inputting control structures Uploaded by: Sammy Mitchell 65217 1998-09-01(Aug 22, 1998) TSE Pro v2.5 and Pro/32 v2.8 4 macros to help solve OCR scanning errors. FuBookDu: Deletes duplicate scanned adjoining identical pages. Ocr_bl : Using a massive list of word pairs, it replaces consistenly badly scanned words with their correct counterparts without any interaction from the user. At the end, the macro generates a report, which can be consulted before the text file is saved. 2wrdlist: This is the macro to use, when the OCR software mixes up two words, that by themselves are perfectly correct. You add such word pairs to the 2wrdlist.wrd file, and let the macro search for occurrences of these words in the text file, giving the user the choice to easily swap each such word in the text file. Goodcase: OCR software can have a problem determining the case of some letters: this macro solves such mistaken cases, using the surrounding letters to determine the correct case. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 3935 2000-05-11(May 09, 2000) Anagram v2.0 for TSE Pro/32 v2.8 - replaces of Feb 02, 2000 Find all valid anagrams from the entered letters. Includes source code. V2 includes enhancment by Warren Porter to reduce the time for longer words with duplicate letters in them. Author: Peter Birch. 5295 2004-06-21(Jun 21, 2004) Ansi2oem for GUI versions of TSE Pro. In editing text it can show ANSI characters as OEM, and line drawing characters in 3D. It can do this very configurably. With ANSI fonts get rid of those control characters all looking like squares, and get line drawing(s) back! At the same time it serves as an ascii chart which correctly shows each character's look. Version 3 remembers the last character and has minute improvements to the help text.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen replaces dated Feb 13, 2004 1636 1993-07-30This is another improvment over previous archivers that I uploaded. This one gives you the option to archive a file either as a single file or add it to another archive. Uploaded by John Barbee. Uploaded by: John Barbee 7296 1995-01-23Ascii is a small fully mouse driven ascii chart. The pop up window, which displays the chart may be freely positioned on the screen. 3781 1995-09-19Asm2Bin simplifies the writing of advanced TSE Pro macros by automatically translating 80x86 mnemonics into a clean, compilable & commented form. Requires TSE Pro 2.5 or later.
Uploaded by: Mike Chambers 7144 2001-05-14ATAGs v1.09 (AsmTAG and CTAG for TsePRO) Lechee.Lai. ATAGs is a powerful facility to search symbol for MASM. which build index file by phoenix Atags utility, it very siminlar like Exuberant Ctags which can found so far ATAGs v1.09 can support those two format for ASM and C Language yap you are correct they use the same key which depend on file name extension 3724 2003-01-23(Jan 23, 2003) Macro for TSE Pro v4.0 for Win - allows one to convert EBCDIC files to ascii, edit them, and optionally save them back as EBCDIC. - Experimental. Use at your own risk. We would appreciate feedback.
Author: Sammy Mitchell (SemWare) 1920 1995-01-23Macros to automatically add bookmarks at section heads, proc beginnings, or other searchable point. (Very effective with a bookmark system that includes picklistsets.) Whenever changing files to a listed file extension, refreshes bookmarks so that they are at the section/proc/whatever beginnings of the current file. Version 2.
Uploaded by: David Marcus 2012 1995-01-23Timed auto-save/backup routine for TSE 2.0 Configurable. Senses existence of "un-saved" backups when file is loaded, if the file was exited improperly.
Uploaded by: Bruce Riggins 736 1994-09-04A new TSE accents macro. Uses dead keys. Uploaded by: Luigi Bianchi
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Description 3459 2001-05-14(May 14, 2001) TsePro 16 + 32: 2.5, 2.8, 3.0. This macro provides and manages a menu of bat files started from a single icon on the DesTop. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 5160 2006-03-23(Mar 07, 2006) - bFind 1.02 for TSE Pro 2.5e upwards.
  • A boolean/logical Find command.
  • Find all lines containing a logical combination of quoted search-strings.
  • Search-strings can be logically combined with the boolean operators AND, OR, NOT and brackets.
  • Simple uses: Find lines not containing a string.
    Find lines that contain two strings in no particular order.
  • Complex uses: no limit on nesting AND, OR and NOT with brackets.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 1644 1995-04-20Updated macro Find/Replace engine - file driven
Uploaded by: Brian Abbott 33178 1995-09-01Small windows utility to search Windows Help files from TSE Pro.
bibler21.zip1,397,1192012-01-20(Jan 20, 2012) - - The Bible Research Macro. - A simple, yet powerful, way to research the text of the Bible.
  • Search for words, or for phrases (even when split across lines), with the complete verse containing each find, put into a buffer that allows instant access to the context, and that can be edited, saved to any name, or discarded without saving.
  • Gather together Scripture passages, single verses or many, into a buffer. Or simply view any verse in the ascii text file of the KJV Bible (included).
Uploaded by: Ed Marsh, who will provide support as much as possible. Tested with the 2.5 dos and the 4.4 gui versions. 21096 1993-07-19BITSET.ZIP contains routines for converting TSE bit sets "VarTabs" and "WordSet" to ASCII strings and back, making it possible to edit and modify them dynamically from within TSE macros. Uploaded by: Jack Hazlehurst 2428 1993-07-30Replaces Copy/Cut/Paste/CopyBlock/MoveBlock to reduce the number of key bindings needed to fully use these commands functionality, while removing the necessity of remember which keys overwrite, insert, or append text. These commands also handle the differences which occur when column blocks are involved. Thanks to David Marcus for helping with the Paste replacement macro. Uploaded by: Ray Asbury 2347 1995-01-23Procs to resize an existing marked block and to toggle the block type of a block between character, line and column. Very useful.
Uploaded by: David Marcus 881 1995-08-09Title: Blocked line/column counter
Description: Simple but useful macro for displaying the number of blocked lines or blocked columns in a text file. Includes both the source and file for usage. 3918 1993-06-01Visual BookMark macros v3. This set of macros give one-key bookmark placement and selection of bookmarks from a visual buffer. The buffer is dynamically generated when needed, showing bookmark letter, filename, line# and first 56 chars from the mark line. New: Deletion of a selected bookmark, small optimizations, and a selected set of menu calls. Uploaded by: Steve Kraus 8918 1994-11-28BoxIt 0.11 -- Nov 23, 1994. This is a minor revision of BoxIt to support TSE 2.0. No new features have been added. This macro allows the user to draw a box around a section of text marked with a column block. Changes in this version: help removed, key assignments change to not conflict with TSE 2.0's help system, documentation updated. Uploaded by: George de Bruin 23147 1997-04-04BROWSE v2.2 - macro for TSE Pro v2.5 and 2.6 makes it a brawny clone of Buerg's LIST Plus. By David Daniel Anderson; 4 April, 1997. 2778 2003-09-22(Sep 21, 2003) - BrowsMod macro - TSE 3.0 and above. Configurably sets a file in and out of browsmode either for being a read-only diskfile or if a part of its drive/path/name/ext matches one of a configurable set of strings.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 2488 1994-10-18TSE "Colors" macro template file for 4DOS batch files -- updated for new 4DOS version 5.50. Uploaded by: Tom Bowden 7643 1995-11-22BULLET.ZIP provides bulleted list support for TSE Pro. Autobulleting and bullet-sensitive wordwrap are included.
Uploaded by: Chris Antos 21540 1996-01-19BULLET11 is the latest version of BULLET, which now supports both bulleted lists and outlines. the outline support is ok, but the next version (who knows when) will have more stuff automated for the outlining. 6307 2001-08-29(Aug 28, 2001) TSE Pro/32 v3.0 (v2.6/2.8 partial) These macros add two buttons to TSE's user interface emulating some of the mouse interfaces which work for GUI application but usually do not work for console applications. The X-button, when clicked, closes TSE by calling the quickxit macro. The S-button allows you to resize TSE in terms of rows and columns using a mouse and to quickly minimize, maximize and restore it. Note: SBTN only works for TSE-Pro32 v3.0. Author: Dieter Koessl 3692 1994-11-30This group of macros allows you convert bytes into bit-strings, and vice-versa. For example "Todd" = ".x.x.x...xx.xxxx.xx..x...xx..x.." Great for editing little bit-maps in the editors, shifting entire strings, seeing the graphic nature of data - A Million And One Uses! <g>
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Description 37636 1993-08-23The source to 4 calculator macros. Uploaded by: Louis Vonderscheer 2306 1993-10-25A pop-up calendar for TSE. Converted from Richard Hendricks original code, this uses getkey() for the key handling and optionally inserts the specified date into your document. Source code only. Uploaded by: Dave Navarro 3465 1994-12-08TSE macro popup Calender with US Holidays Uploaded by: Egon Bosved 45799 2003-06-26(Jun 23, 2003) - TSE Pro (Pro/32) for Windows. The "Call ActiveX" Project. The intent is to create a TSE compatible custom DLL written in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++ version 6 that can interface with the Microsoft ScriptControl and thus VBScript and the world of ActiveX. This is to be open source project to be maintained by the TSE user community as freeware. For more information see CallActX.txt/CallActX.doc.
Author: Christopher Shuffett 7796 1996-03-01CAL_ESP.S A pop-up calendar for TSE-Pro. Modified from Richard Hendricks' calendar that comes with TSE-Pro v2.5 by TSE user Miguel Farah. Features: weeks begin on monday! Plus some more functionality and a corrected IsLeapYear() function (which was buggy in the original). 1343 2004-02-27(Feb 22, 2004) CamelCaps for TSE Pro 2.5e and above. Replacement macros for WordLeft and WordRight. Considers change of case *within* a word and does *not* consider end of line as a word.
Author: retrolite 1066 1994-03-07Enables to user to control the CAPS_LOCK and NUM_LOCK keys. Uploaded by: Peter Granaldi 2199 2000-10-13(Oct 11, 2000) TSE Pro/32 macro to convert Cobol 74/85 programs to upper/lower/mixed case, without changing comments and quoted text. It might work for Fortran programs too. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 4036 1998-05-08TSE Pro/32 v2.8: Contains a Cobol syntax-hiliting file and a macro to syntax-hilite Cobol comments. The macro can also be used for syntax-hiliting Fortran comments. Author: Carlo Hogeveen 1762 1999-07-09(Jun 30, 1999) - TSE Pro v2.5 and Pro/32 v2.8. Case Copying Replace command: while replacing it retains the case of the word in the text. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 10389 2002-06-19CurrExt v1.1.9 (Jun 19, 2002): System for determining current file type, allowing many actual file extensions to map to the same type. e.g. '.s', '.ui', '.si' all appear as '.s'. Also includes notes on how to modify standard TSE UI files to use CurrExt.
  • Platform: TSE Pro 2.x/3.x/4.x
  • Requirements: The DOS version of TSE needs the 'Profile' package.
Author: Michael Graham
Homepage: replaces dated May 14, 2001 1019 2011-06-07(Jun 26, 2007) - v1.0.0 of the ChAlName macro.       Compatibility:   TSE Pro 2.5e upwards.

Change All Filenames of all opened files.

With one command you can replace the drive, path and/or filename of all opened files.

Unavoidably opened but not yet loaded files will be loaded.

Author: Carlo Hogeveen 1068 1994-11-30CHDIR is a TSE macro that allows you to chang the default directory, device or both for the duration of the session or until you change it again. When CHDIR asks for a new directory, enter a path, partial path, or device or any combination and CHDIR will change the default path accordingly and also display a list of files in the new path. Uploaded by author. Freeware. 29894 2011-05-15(May 15, 2011) ChgNotif v1.6 - for TSE 2.6 and higher. Detects when another application changes a file loaded in TSE Pro/32. It gets a Windows file change notification, so it uses no CPU while idle. The macro automatically configures itself the first time you load it.

Author: Chris Antos 3414 1999-03-12(Mar 11, 1999) - ChkSave version 4 - TSE Pro v2.5. Checks loaded files for updates by other processes and supplies the user with appropiate actions. Version 4 solves a bug. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 34765 1993-09-24A collection of modifications to TSE macros, including an improved JUSTIFY, and mMatch(), and how to have several files with custom settings loaded at one time. Uploaded by: Jack Hazlehurst 3782 1994-10-18Improved Full-Justify macro for TSE 2.00 to replace the one that comes with TSE. This version removes spaces added by previous justify before rewrapping and rejustifying a paragraph. It is used as a substitute for TSE's WrapPara() function. Installation instructions are given as comments in the macro code. Uploaded by: Jack Hazlehurst 1411 1993-04-10Replacement macros for Replace(), which enforces column block boundaries. PKzip 2.0x file. Uploaded by: Ray Asbury 2127 1999-07-07(Jun 28, 1999) - TSE Pro v2.5 and Pro/32 v2.8. Version 2 replaces Push and Pop the clipboard onto and from a clipboard stack. Needs and Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 835 1993-06-01Compile Clipper source and be able to go to the line.column of Erros/Warnings with the Errors/Warnings in a window. This works but is mostly for an example. Uploaded by: Peter Birch 1797 1994-04-06TSE macro for Clipper programmers. No comments in macro. Sorry! Uploaded by: Joe Robinson 11102 1994-09-28Simple source analyzer for SAL & ANSI C. Fixed a counting problem in previous version. For TSE 2.0. Zipped with PKZip 2.04g. Uploaded by: Ray Asbury 6186 1993-10-25CmdLine version 3: Two helper macros to facilitate user-created command line options. Makes it easy!! File includes complete instructions for creating your own TSE command line options or reinter- preting standard options. Examples include an option for going to line,column of the first file loaded and one for printing files from the command line. Uploaded by: David Marcus 25013 2003-08-28(Aug 28, 2003) - Enhanced version of the CmpFiles macro that comes with TSE Pro v2.5e version.
  • NEW procedure mCompLines(), that compares 250 characters of current lines at a time, starting at column 1 or the first visible on each window, showing where are the differences (based on the procedure CompLines() in the TSEComp macro).
  • NEW feature: Left/Right scroll for each window.
  • NEW option: Ignore case. Help window updated. Added code to work also in v4 Test Drive version.
  • Tested only in TSE Pro v2.5e and v4 Test Drive versions.
Author: Flavio Suárez 3779 2003-02-01(Jan 31, 2003) - - TSE Pro/32 Icons - 2 graphics (GIF) files for posting on a web page that is maintained or created with TSE PRO-32. Created by David Queenan, with permission granted to all who might want to use them to advertise that their web page uses TSE!
Uploaded by Dave Boyd 7053 1994-11-30"Continuous" WrapPara() macros and key definitions. When activated, provides wrappi at every cursor movement, cut, paste or copy operation. See enclosed ".DOC" file for details. Also includes "Push/PopAbsPos()" macros to save and restore absolute screen position, and "Begin/EndPara()" functions to to the start or end of the current paragraph. 3441 2002-12-06(Dec 06, 2002) Three TSE Pro Macros for Cobol - Set of three macros from my Cobol days:
  • Files: bakspac2.s, settabs2.s, and tab2.s.
I just adopted them for more general use, but you still need to adjust the Cobol tabs settings for your own site. As is, Tab2 and BakSpac2 go into the Macro AutoLoadList.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 879 1994-11-30COLOR.S is a macro to display a simple color chart with DEC and HEX values. BLOCK.S will count the rows and columns in a highlighted block. Both of these macros have been very helpful for me when programming. 1017 2001-05-24coloreol.s - Colors the far-right character of lines longer than window is wide. Author: Alex Robinson 26422 2001-12-14(Dec 12, 2001) SAL Commenting - TSE Pro/32 v2.8+ - Macro that allows you to create and maintain framed comments with standard entries at the top of each proc, menu, keydef or datadef in a SAL source code file. The following features are provided: * Procedure comments: - Generation of standardized comments in front of each proc type structure in a SAL source. - Customizable appearance of comment frame. - Customizable comment frame size and positioning of all subcomments. - Comment editor to create and maintain subcomments. - Automatic generation and update of "Called by" list. - Automatic checks for procedures with parameters. - Automatic checks for procedures with return values. - Update may be automatic (silent) or interactive (query for empty items). * Additional comments: - Additional comment blocks not releated to a proc can be created anywhere between procs. - Management of additional comments similar to procedure comments. - Arbitrary parts of the source file can be blocked and put into a comment frame. - Headline comments, i.e. headline text framed by two divider lines, can be created anywhere between procs. * Miscellaneous: - Empty lines can be managed. Default behaviour is to delete all empty lines inside and duplicate empty lines outside of proc type struktures. - The _ON_CHANGING_FILES_ hook is used to determine whether the current file is a SAL source file (extensions .s and .ui). If not, the menu key of the macro is not activated. Author: Peter Kraemer. 5498 1993-06-26TSE macro Commenter v0.05 (Jun 25, 1993) to add comment characters to the beginning of marked lines. e.g. adds '// ', '; ','REM' plus several others. Works on any Block type or current line with no block marking required, Uploaded by: Tom Klein 2449 1993-04-03Compare Macro. Check 2 files for differences No matter what column the diference starts, the highlight starts there! Uploaded by: Mel Hulse 4552 2005-10-04(Oct 01, 2005) v1.2 - COMPLETE macro for TSE Pro/32. This macro will 'complete' a word based on the starting letters. Similar to Semware's Expand.s but doesn't display a picklist. Extremely useful when trying to recall a constant or variable used elsewhere in your loaded files. It also finds two word sequences. To try it add it to your Autoload list and restart TSE. Type the letters 'pro' and the hit <Ctrl h> to cycle through the existing word completions. Hit <Alt h> to reverse the cycle. Works in both GUI and Console editors.
Author: Andrew Bovett, revised by Ross Boyd. v1.2 replaces dated May 04, 1996 1849 1993-05-02Generic compile macros to support syntax check compiles of .s, .c, .h, .cpp, .hpp (currently setup for TurboC++ but may be modified to whatever). Designed to be easily expandable to support other compilers, etc. Uploaded by: Lynn Lively 5912 1993-06-12TSE macro to copy between two files. When BlockEnd is marked the block is copied. Excellent shortcut of operation that most users do very often. Author Bob Campbell Uploaded by: Tom Klein 203 1993-05-01Simple (but useful!) macro to copy the current word to the clipboard. Uploaded by: Clark Bremer 1201 1995-06-13Uploaded by: James Coffer 6346 2002-06-19CodePad v1.1.4 (Jun 19, 2002): Macro to line up code nicely into columns, padding spaces around = signs and other punctuation.
  • Platform: TSE Pro 2.x/3.x/4.x
  • Requirements: The DOS version of TSE needs the 'Profile' package.
Author: Michael Graham
Homepage: replaces dated Mar 18, 2001 1995 2004-05-21(May 20, 2004) Macro for TSE Pro v4 or greater. Crosshair.s provides a movable crosshair on the screen which helps line up text vertically and horizontally within and across windows.
Author: mdurland 5164 2011-06-06(Nov 08, 2006) - v1.1 of the Csv2flv macro.       Compatibility:   TSE Pro 2.5e upwards.

This macro, for which version 1.0 is on Semware's website, converts Comma Seperated Values (.csv) files into Fixed Length Values (.flv) files.   On Ray Richey's request I added the possibility to add a new field separator to the generated .flv file.

Author: Carlo Hogeveen 3359 1997-12-10(Aug 29, 1997) - TSE Pro v2.5, TSE Pro/32 v2.8 CTAGS - Macro for TAG file support in TSE Works great with DH's Etags program, Author: Jeff Hawk 81014 2004-03-10(Mar 10, 2004) CUAWS v5.7 - WordStar-compatible TSE Pro/32 v4.2 user interface, with enhanced CUA block-marking macro. The CUA block macro has mouse and prompt box support.
Written by Bill Stewart replaces dated Jun 11, 2002 1794 1995-10-23Save compressed view changes to original.
Uploaded by: Richard Lassan 12338 1996-06-29This package contains a high-bit character conversion macro for the most common character conversion problems, allowing you to convert among the following formats: DOS - ANSI/ISO DOS - HP ROMAN-8 DOS - MACINTOSH ANSI/ISO - MACINTOSH It also includes a generic paragraph unwrap macro for use when preparing a file for export to a word processor. (A more complete macro set for this purpose can be found in DOCMODE.ZIP.) 3239 2001-06-01(May 31, 2001) - Cword v1.0 for Tse Pro/32 v2.8
  Find all words from known letters and "wild
  cards" (asterisks). Source code included.
  Based on the Peter Birch "anagram" macro.
Author: Warren Porter 2745 1994-10-02Macro in TSE for QBasic Compiler. Uploaded by S.J-P. ALSUNARD (FRANCE) Uploaded by: Serge Alsunard
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Description 3043 1994-12-08edit dBase compat databases with this ALL SAL macro Uploaded by: Peter Birch 27697 2001-06-06(Jun 05, 2001) v4.00 replaces v3.4 dated May 14, 2001. This package includes SAL macros, which allow you to edit your TSE-Pro v2.5 and TSE Pro/32 key macros. DeComp reads a binary keyboard macro file and produces a readable key listing. This listing can be altered and recompiled to binary format using ReComp. EditKbd can be used to change the currently defined key macros on the fly. 3749 2001-11-28(Nov 12, 2001) DelSpace.s for TSE Pro/32 v3.0. DelSpace version 6 finds words with a space inside in a text, and offers a user-friendly interface to repair them. Uses the same dictionary as Semware's standard SpellChk macro. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 7149 2005-09-15(Sep 09, 2005) dem.s - Designer Enclosures - Version 1 Revision 11 - a macro written with TSE-PRO GUI 4.0. This macro provides the convenience of surrounding text with several standard enclosure sets, like double/single quotes, brackets, etc., as well as custom designed enclosure sets that you can choose from an ASCII chart, or type in manually (see the help screen). You can put these enclosures around all lines in a file, all lines in a line-block, or on the left-right boundaries of a column block. You can also select whether to enclose blank lines. Great for doing columns of data. Contact the author or get the latest revision at:
Author: Hayes Smith 1874 1995-11-13Phone dialer for TSE. Place cursor anywhere in the number and press a hot key to dial. Automatically prefixes long distance numbers with a 1 if they lack it. Provision for dialing prefixes. Second hot key loads a file that can contain names and phone numbers.
Uploaded by: Bob Fehrenbach 3874 1999-09-22(Sep 15, 1999) v1.00 - Macro for TSE Pro/32 v2.8 Directory lister. Helps you to build a directory listing, optionally recursing into subdirectories and including Date,Time,Size and Attributes for files. You may also include additional prefixes and/or suffixes. I think it's handy to build maintenance .BATs but you may find out other uses as well (or none at all!). Author: Jose Adriano Baltieri. 210777 2005-06-06(Jun 01, 2005) v2.22 TSE Pro v2.5 - Pro (Pro/32) v4.2 - The dialog macro package (v0.96) implements CUA style dialog boxes for TSE. It features a run time library which implements the basic behavior of dialog boxes. It also features ready to use dialogs including FileOpen, Find, BufferList and many more. Version 2.22 fixes bugs and compatibility issues. Works with TSE Pro v2.5 for DOS and TSE Pro (Pro/32) up to and including v4.2.
Author: Dieter Koessl replaces (v2.10) dated Jun 07, 2001 70821 2005-06-06(Jun 01, 2005) v2.22 TSE Pro v2.5 - Pro (Pro/32) v4.2 - The SAL macro Dialog.S is a run time library, which implements everything that is necessary to use CUA style dialog boxes within TSE. This file includes tools and documentation, which allow you to create your own custom dialog boxes. Version 2.22 now features a visual dialog resource editor. Warning: the user file is required.
Author: Dieter Koessl replaces (v2.10) dated Jun 07, 2001 12428 1995-09-28DocMode package includes two important document processing functions: 1. A replacement aurowrap package correcting some of the problems cuased by the stock autowrap. 2. DocMode, a word processor compatibility package including load & save to/from generic word processor format and carriage return marking - (paragraph wrapping stops at the mark).
Uploaded by: Arnold Hennig 6696 1995-10-09DragDrop macro: provides Word for Windows-like dragdrop editting. drag-select and drag-copy/move are supported. now gives "copy"/"move" feedback at mouse cursor position. 7428 1997-04-29DragDrop 1.1 - provides mouse selection and drag-drop support that is similar to Microsoft Word for Windows. You are free to modify, customize, distribute, and delete this macro. Just don't sell it. It's free. 90576 1996-11-05Alternative Spelling Checker for TSE by Dave Monksfield, Updated by Chris Antos. Works with both TSE Pro/32 2.6, and TSE Pro 2.5! 11858 1995-07-19An Alternative Spelling Checker Interface for TSE by Dave Monksfield. Comments or suggestions to: 3901 1994-11-30DTMenu lets you to insert a variety of date a time strings into your text files. Use the "User Defined" work-area to create your own formats. Includes commented SAL source code s you can make your own versions. 12/24 am/pm formats, century+year, 0-padded or unpadded single digits, day and month names and number possibilities of nearly plethoric proportion! EG : p/l/t = Oct 04, 1994 c:f:h = 20:48:55 l-s-v = 04-Oct-94 (ala CIS) IE : InsertText(DTFormat("p/l/t c:f:h"))
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e.ico 766 1993-06-07A Windows icon for The SemWare Editor Uploaded by: Andy Kahl
e2.ico 766 1993-06-24A new Windows icon for The SemWare Editor Uploaded by: Andy Kahl 1979 1998-10-20(Oct 20, 1998) Fix for TSE 2.5a to TSE 2.5e: macro Edebug enables you to debug macroes that use #include files. Version 2 fixes a bug in Edebug. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 983 2003-11-07(Nov 07, 2003) EditEDI.s -TSE Pro/32 v2.6 - 4.0. - Unwrap/edit X12 EDI. To edit EDI open the file in binary mode. Run this macro to place each segment on a separate line. Make your changes and save.
Author: Chris Shuffett 3652 1995-06-30Several small but handy macros from the files of Ed Marsh, a happy user of TSE!
Uploaded by: Ed Marsh 5407 2004-10-05(Oct 03, 2004) - EdWithTse for TSE Pro 4.0 upwards. Adds or removes "Edit With TSE" in the Windows right-mouse menu. Dutch supported too.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 7152 2005-08-23(Aug 21, 2005) - eFind v1 for TSE Pro v2.5e upwards. This macro allows you to search in a gigantic amount of files. When more files are opened in TSE than fit in memory, then this macro can search across them without running into the memory limit. EFind needs and to be installed first.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 18732 1999-02-24(Feb 24, 1999) - Emul_Win.ui - TSE Pro/32 v2.8 If you do your programming in TSE32 and have to prepare your documentation in a Windows word processor, you may find this user interface useful. It emulates the most common Windows keys and some useful functions found in Windows word processors. The UI manages to maintain all of the features found in the standard TSE32 UI. Repeat find up/down is bound to the cursor up and down keys. Not standard but very handy. Push Shift F1 to view the key bindings. Incoporated also is the TSE jr's "Open File At Cursor" macro, patched to allow for blanks in the file name. The most frequently used WordStar keys have been left intact in case you need them. (Actually it's because I wrote my first serious code in WordStar 3.3's non-document mode for a FORTRAN 77/dBASE II project targeted at CPM-80. Yeah I know ..."What's CMP?") Author: Al Stanbury. 1195 2000-04-17(Apr 15, 2000) Macro for TSE Pro and Pro/32 - Eoltype.s - Save unix/non-unix files with EndOfLineType LF/CRLF based on the drive[/path] of the files, and load files with their existing EndOfLineType. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 4537 1993-12-07exeacute almost any TSE command from a prompt Uploaded by: Peter Birch 4685 2011-06-06(Oct 25, 2006) - v1.02 of the Execute macro.   Compatibility: TSE Pro 2.5e upwards.

Dynamically run a line of TSE's built-in commands without having to program a macro for it.
    The macro can be called:
  • From the Macro Execute menu: just run TSE's built-in commands interactively!
  • From the Dos commandline: just as interactively!
  • From the Potpourri menu: with no parameters it gives Help by opening the sourcefile.
  • From another macro, which of course might build its command dynamically.

Version 1.01 improves error reporting a bit, and documents error caveats.

Version 1.02 improves compile error reporting and the documentation a bit.

Author: Carlo Hogeveen 5260 1993-08-26A macro to expand a just-typed abbreviation by offering choices of words (a) from an ab- breviation list or (b) found in the current document, whose beginning matches the abbre- viation. 1 keystroke calls up the expansion, then 'N' see other possibilities or any other keystroke to insert it (and use that key- stroke in your file.) For instance, type 'key<expandkey>s' right here and 'keystrokes' would be in your file. Very inobtrusive! Uploaded by: David Marcus 2912 1999-06-21(Jun 21, 1999) - TSE Pro v2.5 and TSE Pro/32. Exptabs.s removes physical tabs from files in a user-friendly way. Version 2 fixes a bug. Author: Carlo Hogeveen.
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Description 3599 2000-03-09(Mar 04, 2000) - Filebase - TSE Pro v2.5 for DOS ---- A macro for the auto load list: ---- Memorize cursor position for all files. No long file name support. Author: Helmut Geisser. 7473 1994-08-18A file find the will search the current drive including zip files. All source. Works with directories nested up to 7 deep. Uploaded by: Peter Birch 12235 2002-06-19(Jun 19, 2002) - TSE Pro v2.5 and TSE Pro/32 v2.8/3.x/4.x -
  • FilePal will save, for a given file, the current position and bookmarks, plus editing parameters Insert, AutoIndent, WordWrap, Margins, TabType, TabWidth, ExpandTabs, EOLType and EOFType.
  • Default values for these parameters may also be associated with extensions, directories and drives.
  • Put a file on AutoTrack and the current position, parameters and bookmarks will be saved automatically each time the file is quit and restored on reloading.
  • FilePal keeps track of any number of files, even if not loaded during the previous editing session.
  • FilePal also supports automatic execution of specific macros linked to filenames, extensions, directories and drives.
  • This version fixes an issue with Long File Names.
Author:Jean Heroux. - Changes by: Michael Graham. replaces dated Mar 12, 2001 1421 2001-05-24This slight modification contains options for specifying a "fill character" and a numeric "base". Submitted by: Alex Robinson 1955 1995-11-29This macro will send the line(s) touched by any type of block to an external filter program. The filtered line(s) are then inserted back in the file, replacing the old line(s). This lets you filter lines like in UNIX editors such as vi. Author: Bill Stewart. 3040 1995-10-23Filter.UI turns TSE into a generic file filter. 2164 2001-05-14This macro will send the line(s) touched by any type of block to an external filter program. The filtered line(s) are then inserted back in the file, replacing the old line(s). This lets you filter lines like in UNIX editors such as vi. Version 2. By Bill Stewart. 1452 1993-04-30Enhanced Find commands for TSE Uploaded by: Sammy Mitchell 1430 2011-06-06(May 29, 2011) - Version 6 of the FindWs macro.       Compatibility:   Probably TSE Pro 2.5 upwards.

Finds words separated by spaces when in the text the are separated by whitespaces.

A whitespace is any number and combination of spaces, horizontal tabs, and newlines.

Version 2 and 3 add searching _again_ .
Version 6 is based on version 3, and adds marking of the found text.

Author: Carlo Hogeveen 12366 1994-09-19FileInfo 3.2 provides one-key pop-up of the current file's attributes, size, time, and date, as well as allowing you to change the file's attributes. For TSE 2.0 & zipped with 2.04g Uploaded by: Ray Asbury 3700 2000-05-31(Jul 07, 1999) - Helper macro for TSE Pro/32 v2.x - Concerning the problem (when running TSE Pro/32) of when a typed character is the "opposite" case of what the keyboard CAPSLOCK light indicates it should be: - If you are running WIN95 OSR2 or WIN98, AND CAPSLOCK is ON at the time you start-up a command prompt (which you then run e32.exe from) or you start the editor via a shortcut when CAPSLOCK is on, you will get this behavior in e32.exe (with these versions of the OS, MS introduced a bug into the API calls we access to read the keyboard). Note that if CAPSLOCK is OFF BEFORE you start the command line session or activate the shortcut, all will work fine and as expected. without needing this macro. See the file for instructions.
Uploaded by SemWare 6298 1994-11-09Simple filemanager, written in TSE macro language. By Richard Blackburn. Additions and fixes by: James Coffer Dave Gwillim 13064 1996-11-27FNEXP provides filename completion in TSE prompt boxes, similar to the same way that 4DOS does at the DOS prompt. FNEXP works in all TSE prompts, not just the ones that expect filenames. This is great especially for the "DOS command:" prompt. 14672 1994-12-21Implements a folding editor with TSE (outliner). Very simple, US-version of FOLD131.ZIP. Nested folds not yet possible. Menu-driven configuration, improved handling when closing folds (this is now possible from ANYWHERE within the fold). For TSE2.
Uploaded by: Manfred Luft 16223 2003-02-03(Feb 03, 2003) Two fonts (SysMono 14x6 and 18x8) by Andrew Clarke (based on some OS/2 fonts) are available from the link in the list that follows. They will work with TSE Pro v4.0 for Windows (any WIN9x-WINXP), and are also available to TSE Pro/32 under Windows NT/2000/XP. contains 8 fonts for use with TSE Pro v4.0 for Windows. Contributed by Michael Durland (sprog*.fon), Chris Antos (fixedsysoem14.fon), and Karl Bochert (Kourier and Ksans):
  • Kourier: a mono-spaced font patterned after Courier, but with larger punctuation and distinct l & 1, o & 0
  • Ksans: a san-serif version of Kourier for a cleaner, more modern look.
A list of additional fonts that have been mentioned by customers as working with TSEPro v4.0 for Windows: 4665 2001-12-06(Dec 03, 2001) SyntaxHilite files for TSE Pro/32 Three SyntaxHilite Mapping files (.SYN) to support Fortran source files for TSE Pro/32: FOR.SYN For FORTRAN-77 (.for or .f ext) F90.SYN For Fortran-90 (.f90 ext) F95.SYN For Fortran-95 (.f95 ext) FOR.SYN requires TSE Pro/32 v3.0 or later, since it uses the column-dependent comment feature. This file is also suitable for use with FORTRAN-66 source files. Files F90.SYN and F95.SYN (for Fortran-90 and Fortran-95, respectively) should work with TSE Pro/32 version 2.8 or later. They support Fortran-90/95 free-format source code. Files F90.SYN and F95.SYN are identical, except that F95.SYN includes the new Fortran-95 keywords ELEMENTAL, FORALL, and PURE. See file for instructions. Author: David G. Simpson. 13427 1998-05-13(May 01, 1996) TSE Pro and TSE Pro/32 - Collection of macros to clean up FORTRAN code, i.e. Indent correctly, relabel, find redundant subroutines, labels etc. Macros were written for Semware Editor Professional v2.50. Based on FORTRAN 77, as used on Unisys 1100/2200 hardware. Source code given so could be adapted for other versions of FORTRAN and other hardware. Author: Paul Bennett 2579 2000-12-05(Dec 04, 2000) - Fotopage - TSE Pro/32 v2.x - FOTOPAGE Generates a single page album HTML file from a directory of images and a subdir of thumbnails with the same name. Macro file comments contain info on generating thumbnail. Author: Mike Chambers. 1834 2001-05-14This macro saves the view and cursor position when each file unloaded and restores details when the file is next loaded. Max number of saved entries is determined by MaxHistoryPerList. Should be included in AutoLoad list for proper operation. Tested with v2.5 and v3.0. Steven Saunderson. 2457 2002-06-19FindProf v1.0.4 (Jun 19, 2002): Small macro to locate the current TSE.INI file. Will return the same file for TSE/DOS and TSE/WIN32.
  • Platform: TSE Pro 2.x/3.x/4.x
  • Requirements: none
Author: Michael Graham
Homepage: replaces dated Mar 13, 2001 10514 1994-12-01Title: vmForumReader-- TSE macro to read CIS forum msg.s
Description: vmForumReader is a very specialized tool for people like you, who capture CompuServe forum messages to a file, and then read them off-line. Features 19 task-relevant tools including: prev and next msg., find reply, fi parent, find ultimate origin, complete thread tracing, delete msg., reply off-line, a help screen, and nine useful compressed views. TS editor remains fully functional (only one key taken). Full source code with instructions, text. by Volker Multhopp; Rev 1.1. 9448 1995-10-09File Settings macro. keeps track of certain settings on a per-file basis (tabtype, tabwidth, variable tab stops, left/right margin, autoindent, wordwrap, expand tabs, remove trailing white). intelligently picks settings for files, too. 22482 1996-04-02FS: keeps track of certain settingsindividually for each file in the ring.By: Chris Antos, 46939 1996-05-02Mike Albert's FSORT program. 3891 1993-07-15TSE Macro mSort v1.3. Uses external sort program FSORT10.ZIP to sort large files. Integrates with TSE's internal sort for automatic or menu selection of internal or external sort. Uses TSE's case and ascending/ descending parameters. Also provides decimal sort and duplicate entry elimination. Uploaded by: Mel Hulse 8102 1993-09-14TSE macro update v1.4 to FSORTM13.ZIP uploaded by Mel Hulse on Jul 15, 1993. Update allows the user to specify multiple "sort keys" (up to ten) for the sort to act upon. The sort key types may be mixed within a single sort. Two methods for the user to specify the sort keys are provided: the user may specify by column number; or use the "Point And Shoot" method where they position the cursor to select starting and ending columns for the keys. Try it, you will like it! Uploaded by: Joe Baechtel
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Description 7032 1993-05-11TSE Macros Uploaded by: Grafton Cole 27173 2002-12-04(Dec 04, 2002) TSE Pro v4.0 UI Wordstar interface with additional enhancements (see readme.txt)
Author: Grafton Cole 2867 1993-10-12GENERATE MULTIPLIES A BLOCK WITH A COUPLE OF NUMBERS IN IT. these numbers rise in a way that resembles a for loop Uploaded by: Hans Dewit 3332 1998-05-18(Mar 31, 1994) Date macro - TSE Pro, TSE Pro/32 Macro which pops up a small window with the system date, and allows the user to easily change the date, and insert the desired date into text at the location of the cursor. The possibly unique aspect of the macro is that it 'knows' the day of the week of the particular date chosen. After the date to be inserted is selected, a second menu pops up listing several date formats to choose from, some of which include the day of the week. The chosen format is inserted into the text. Author: Jim Sylva. 138563 2002-05-19(May 19, 2002) v4 - All TSE Pro/32 and TSE Pro v4 - Latest version of GetHelp macro, enhancements to TSE's built in help, and provides context sensitive help from a user-specified set of help files based on the current file's extension. You can write custom help for menu items now!
Author: Chris Antos
Replaces dated May 06, 1998 1081 1993-06-20TSE Macro. GetWord3. Word completion from your text. Type the begining of a word. Touch the key for GetWord. The full word is displayed. if acceptable, <Enter> expands the word you typed with the last word with the same begining. Uploaded by: Mel Hulse 2223 1999-07-07(Jun 27, 1999) - TSE Pro v2.5 and Pro/32 v2.8. is for advanced macro programmers only, to avoid a bug in TSE 2.5 and 2.8, which causes session global variables to disappear. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 4539 1995-02-22Global find and find-replace across all loaded files. Menu driven with options. Generates a pick list for all hits showing the hits in context.
Uploaded by: Grafton Cole 55281 1997-03-27TSE Pro v2.5 grep macro - Version 2.1 dated Feb 23, 1997. To try it out, load the GREP macro, or add it to your AutoLoad list. Hit <Alt G> to bring up the main dialog box, then hit <F1> to see the help file. The help file isn't extensive yet, but it's a good start and should get you going. This version contains several fixes and new features.
Uploaded by: Chris Antos 71878 2002-05-15(May 15, 2002) v3.0 - GREP macro for TSE Pro/32. Works with v4.0 (both the console and the GUI versions), v3.0, v2.8, and v2.6. To try it out, load the GREP macro or add it to your AutoLoad list. Hit <Alt G> to bring up the main dialog box, then hit <F1> to see the help file. The help file is lame, but should be good enough to get you started. The GREP macro can search files in the BACKGROUND, while you continue to work (hit <Esc> to continue working; it will beep when it's finished, or at any time hit <AltShift G> to display the GREP result list). Author: Chris Antos
Replaces dated Feb 06, 1998.
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Description 4343 1993-06-01Hexadecimal Editor Macro A TSE Macro to allow hexadecimal editting of any binary file. Includes, HEXEDIT.S, HEXEDIT.MAC, and H.BAT, bat file to invoke editor in hexadecimal load. Uploaded by author...Frank Villafane Uploaded by: Frank Villafane 437 1993-05-01Macro to view the hex value of the current character. The value can optionally be modified. Useful for tweaking binaries, etc. Uploaded by: Clark Bremer 1921 1995-10-19little macro to show current file offset on statusline when viewing file in BinaryMode. can toggle between hex/dec, can goto specific offset. 4195 1998-05-29(May 29, 1998) Macro for TSE Pro/32 v2.8. Syntax-hilite regular expressions. This macro (for 32-bit versions of TSE Pro only) allows you to color parts of each screen line based on: 1) the current file extension, 2) the current comment colors (by NOT recoloring them), and 3) multiple regular expressions. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 7590 2011-06-06(Mar 29, 2007) - v5.0.6 (no longer a beta) of the History macro.       Compatibility:   TSE Pro 4.00e upwards.

  • Avoid history lists deleting each other.
  • Get an overview of all history lists with their names.
  • Delete an entire history list.
  • Define cleanup-rules per history list.
    This will continuously and automatically keep your history lists clean.
    As an example this distribution is preconfigured to remove temporary files and macro executions from your _EDIT_HISTORY_ .
Version 5.0.6:
Optimized the Help file.
Added a cleanup of a history list just before viewing it: this also makes a new or modified Cleanup Rule immediately effective.

Version 5.0.5:
Bug solved: When showing the overview of history lists, the number instead of the name of the _GOTOLINE_HISTORY_ was shown.
Bug solved: If you had defined "^$" as a Cleanup Rule, then TSE hanged when you tried to close it.

Version 5.0.4:
Bug solved: a harmless warning at TSE's startup was removed. It happened for people with a small number of history lists.

Version 5.0.3:
Renamed "Exclude Rules" to "Cleanup Rules", which is more appropriate, because history entries are automatically removed some time AFTER entering a history list.
Bug solved: defining Cleanup Rules for histories 10 and 13 would probably fail and possibly disturb other Cleanup Rules. Luckily it is very unlikely that anyone would want to define a Cleanup Rule for history 10 or 13. To solve this problem the format of the configuration file History.not was changed: a History.not file in the old format is automatically converted to the new format.

Version 5.0.2 solves a bug:
Closing TSE hanged if no Cleanup Rules were defined. Default there ARE Cleanup Rules defined, so there is hope that not too many people encountered this bug.

Author: Carlo Hogeveen 14707 2005-08-03(Jul 31, 2005) - Hlp2txt v2.4.4 for TSE 2.6 upwards. Generate a TSE manual from (the index of) TSE's interactive Help. Generated formats are ASCII, HTML, Word and Generic. The HTML format is thoroughly hyperlinked. v2.4.4 no longer aborts if the HelpHelp macro is present on disc, and is optimized for TSE 4.4.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen replaces v2.4.2 dated Oct 03, 2004 4303 1996-11-09HlpLnClk is a small TSE add-in which makes the TSE help line mouse sensitive. In other words, as long as HlpLnClk is loaded you can click an item within TSE's help line to execute the corresponding command. 1879 2011-06-06(Nov 19, 2006) - v1.0.0 of the hReplace macro.       Compatibility:   TSE Pro 2.5e upwards.

A look-alike of TSE's standard Replace command that does NOT use the same histories as TSE's Find command.

In answer to a question by Fred Holmes.

This macro was first named mReplace, but hReplace is of course a much more appropriate name.

Author: Carlo Hogeveen 15300 1995-02-28HSK Read-Only Macros 1.0 for TSE 2.0 Features: Read Only warning if readonly file is loaded (a la TSE Jr. 2.x & 3.x), Status Line w/attribs & char @ cursor, enhanced ListOpenFiles macro displays read-only status of files, plus menus to configure displays, enable/disable status line plus more.
Uploaded by: Howard Kapustein 4141 1995-07-20This macro allows to embed HTML-Escape-sequences into an ASCII textfile. You select the kind of HTML-formatting by pressing the <F11>-key. Then you are asked for more input if necessary. The tag is then inserted at the current cursor position. You are asked to move to the position where the ending tag shall be inserted (possible movement keys see procedure "MoveCursor()"). That's all!
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Description 2611 1994-10-18Incrementing Backup File Names Macro v2.1 for TSE v2.0 Uploaded by: Tom Kellen 2868 1995-02-03Title: Improved Incremental Search Macro
Description: An improved incremental search macro for TSE. This version contains all of the capibilities of the existing mIncrementalSearch, but adds much more. Toggle (ON/OFF) case-sensitivity, regular expression, whole-word, begin-line, end-line matching with a single key stroke. See code for installation instructions. 3982 1996-01-19INI.ZIP contains a macro that provides support for a general TSEPRO.INI file for TSE-Pro macros. any macro can make use of the simple commands (there are just a few) to read/write settings from a .INI file. this allows many macros to keep their settings all in one central place (saving disk space instead of having several 16 byte files that actually take up 8k or 16k per file on the hard disk!) 4159 1996-02-13INI v1.10 - Allows several macros to share a single .INI file. Each macro can have it's own section, and update it's settings independent of other macros' settings. 1440 1993-05-07A macro to change text to Initial Capitals Letters Only. Includes instruction for integrating into the standard TSE interface & menus, allowing it to be used on the current word, line or block. Uploaded by: David Marcus 4508 1993-07-23Be able to set the blinking or intense backgound colors. also be able to set the VGA overscan color. Uploaded by: Peter Birch 3565 1994-04-20Fancy inline SAL interrupt package 3106 1994-12-06Space Invaders game for TSE 2.0 2143 1994-11-30TSE function IsDIR(sDirName). Determines if directory exists. Written in assembly (MASM 6.00). Source, Bin, and dox included. Free charge! 389 1993-12-30integer square root for TSE Uploaded by: Luca Salvini 15114 1994-11-21The "intelligent commenting" macro package for TSE. Performs a variety of context- sensitive and user-configurable program commenting chores. Re-sent version of I_CMMT1.ZIP. Now compiles under both beta and pre-release. Uploaded by: John Goodman
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Description 6012 1998-09-01(Aug 22, 1998) TSE Pro v2.5 and Pro/32 v2.8 This macro joins two ascii files together, which have a key in common on certain column positions. See the macro source for a more detailed description. Note to TSE 2.80 users: If you have a sort macro that is older than 17 august 1998, then you need to update your sort macro with the included sort macro. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 4995 1994-06-06JustiWS justifies paragraphs (almost) like WordStar's Ctrl-B: Deletes multiple SPACEs. Offers the possibility to hyphenate long words. Justifies too short lines by including spaces (at first: behind .!?:,); after this: behind every word) 7599 1995-09-19WordStar-like full justification macro, Sep 08, 1995.
Uploaded by: Manfred Luft
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Description 12745 1998-02-17(Feb 15, 1998) v1.11 - TSE Pro and TSE Pro/32 Maintenance to kcalc.s v1.10 dated May 19, 1997 KCALC.S for TSE Pro combines the benefits of SUM.S to add a column of numbers with those of EXPR.S to calculate equations. Included is my test calculation file: CALCTEST.TXT Author: Ken Green. 1922 1995-09-22Title: More TSE handy macros 7083 1997-04-20KeyFind.S and KeyAssgn.S are a pair of macros which allow you to search for key assignments and display which command is assigned to a key, respectively. 26628 1995-02-28KEYWS.MAC v1.0. TSE 2.0 macro to add keywords to recipes formatted for the "QBook" recipe database program by Bob Butler. Uses user-created lists of words to search for in the recipe. Displays list of matching words which can be edited before adding to recipe. Automatically formats keywords lines to correct length. Also has 'AutoScan' function to automatically add keywords based on found words. Can be recompiled to work with Meal-Master recipe database.
Uploaded by: Sallie Krebs
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Description 242188 2006-02-23(Feb 05, 2006) - Latex procedures version 5.5 (replaces 5.4)
Author: Sjoerd W. Rienstra (Netherlands)
Date: February 5, 2006
TSE version: 4 and newer
  • a couple of macros to edit, compile, view, and print LaTeX & TeX files from within the editor.
  • contains all (well, a lot) LaTeX and AMS-LaTeX commands and symbols.
  • the present commands are prepared for a standard MiKTeX-package.
  • dvi-files are viewed with Yap that comes with MikTex.
  • PostScript-files are viewed with GsView
  • page layout of ps-files can be changed into n pages per sheet with psnup.
  • files packed and unpacked by PKZip or GZip
  • ps-files can be converted to pdf-files by Acrobat Distiller
  • automatic LaTeX re-run if labels changed.
  • block compilation for testing small piece.
  • testing and viewing of a single slide
  • generates complete \begin-\end environment.
  • an extension of the "WrapPara"-macro to deal with LaTeX constructs
  • "main file", to be compiled, may be different from edited "include file".
  • view symbol file
  • improved line-up of "environment"-insert
  • New for this version:
  • improved recognition of active GsView window
  • "new document" as article or slides replaces dated Sep 16, 2004 3876 2011-06-06(Dec 09, 2006) - v1.2.0 of the Life macro.       Compatibility:   TSE Pro 2.8b upwards.

This is an implementation of Conway's well-known game of Life.

New in v1.1.0:
Added menu's to save/load universes, and to initialize a universe with nothing, with random cells, or with some predefined shapes.

New in v1.2.0:
Added the Gosper Glider Gun, which eventually shoots itself.
Significantly optimized the program and menu structure.

Author: Carlo Hogeveen 6198 1999-11-17(Nov 09, 1999) - TSE Pro v2.5 and TSE Pro/32 v2.8 LINEPRO.ZIP replaces LINEPR.ZIP (of Mar 21, 1997) ----- MULTI-FUNCTION LINE PROCESSOR ------- Has 13 functions, selected from a menu: cut blank or contiguous duplicate lines, cut or keep lines containing a string (string lists may be specified), double space lines, insert string, append string, flush, squeeze and number lines. Maximum line length=255 chars. Author:Jean Heroux. 2468 2001-05-14(Dec 29, 2000) - TSE Pro v2.5 and TSE Pro/32. Load first/last N lines or N thru M of very large file when memory or time is scarce. Needs and Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 2310 1994-11-21Macro to swap lines in a commpressed view-like buffer with the corresponding lines in the original file. Uploaded by: Truls Thirud
listload.s 1789 1993-04-27Macro to load files from a text list Uploaded by: Gerald Fay 3977 1999-11-19(Nov 17, 1999) - TSE Pro v2.5 and TSE Pro/32 v2.8 Enhanced LIST macro displays a picklist of lines containing a string. Plus, a second string may be specified, in which case the macro searches for lines containing both strings or for occurrences of the two strings within a specified number of lines. The '|' character can also be used a logical 'OR'. Author:Jean Heroux. 2432 1994-09-19LoadList 3.2 allows you to list files to edit edit (and SKIP) in a text file, then load them quickly and easily. Supports DOS wildcard conventions. For TSE 2.0 & zipped with 2.04g Uploaded by: Ray Asbury 3889 1996-07-14LoadFile.S Version 0.8/Jul 01, 1996 This macro modifies all file entry dialog boxes, providing - a footer line showing command keys - a pick file box - another pick box for drives German and english version provided. No special preparations to the user interface are neccessary because all functions hook themselves into the appropriate events, making the macro's workings fully transparent. The additional features will be 3420 1996-04-17LoadFile.S Version 0.5/15.04.96 - This macro modifies all file entry dialog boxes, providing - a footer line showing command keys - a pick file box - another pick box for drives German and english version provided. No special preparations to the user interface are neccessary because all functions hook themselves into the appropriate events, making the macro's workings fully transparent. The additional features will be 2029 1994-09-01Load filespecs specified in a seperate file using a single command line switch, eg E -pfilelist.txt Uploaded by: Ian Brown 4256 2002-05-22(May 22, 2002) - All Tse Pro (v2.5 or higher) - contains two Tse macros that solve (at least to the extent of paragraphs) the age-old problem of DOS EOLs that break multiple-word search efforts when the target words are split across lines.
  • LocateNextTo.mac will find words where one follows the other, but the first is at the end of one line, and the other is at the beginning of the next line.
  • LocateNear.mac allows finding words or phrases that are in the same paragraph, with any number of words, spaces, or line-breaks between.
  • Tested under Tse 2.5 with 2032 line length, and under 4.0 with 16000 line length.
Author: Ed Marsh 42772 1993-10-15logitech mouse driver v6.12 allows up to 132x44 Uploaded by: Eberhart Adam 3695 2003-11-07(Nov 07, 2003) lookup.s - TSE Pro/32 v2.6 - 4.0. - Avoid typing mistakes by using this tool to add one of TSE's built-in function names or to add one of your macro's proc names while editing your SAL source code. Requires file tse.260 be in the Editor's load directory.
Author: Chris Shuffett 2173 1993-07-29Macros to cause a "beep" whenever NextFile or PrevFile move you to the first file opened. Also, a fix for ListOpenFiles which causes the first file loaded to always be at the top of the list -- instead of the current file NOTE: not stand-alone, to be included in your User-Interface Macro file. Uploaded by: Wayne King 1753 1994-08-11A set of low-level DOS file functions read/seek/open/close for SAL because I don't always want to load the whole stinking file into a buffer for just a few bytes on header information Uploaded by: Peter Birch
   FileName    FileSize      Date Posted     
Description 5246 1999-07-07(Jun 28, 1999) - TSE Pro v2.5 and Pro/32 v2.8. Version 3 replaces version 2. Pass parameters to your macroes from the dos command line, from the menu, or from other macroes in a unified way. From other macroes you can pass string variables 255 characters long. Version 3 needs Auhor: Carlo Hogeveen. 19863 1993-09-14TSE macro to easy the creation of macroes by providing a "picklist" driven macro editor. Saves typing keystokes, speeds macro development, eliminates systax errors. Uploaded by: Joe Baechtel 1763 1993-05-12Mail indexing proc prepares index of saved mail at the top of a file providing a one- line index of the message subject, date, from/to, conference, and number. Based on Tom Hogshead's TSE Jr. mail indexing macro. Also one-key access to message from index. Preliminary, but working code. Uploaded by: Steve Kraus 3668 1994-10-16MAKECSV. v1.1 A TSE macro that converts a datafile with positionally oriented records to a Comma Separated Value (.CSV) file. Features: o Can include a header line. o Use any part or all of of the source file. o Output fields in a different order than the source file. o Does not change the source file. Uploaded by: Mel Hulse 4091 1995-02-22Places a formated header at the top of each page and a formfeed character at the end of the page. Menu driven with many options including page width and length, page numbers, interactive use specified page break positions, line comment character insertion, and more.
Uploaded by: Grafton Cole 1798 1995-11-10Is it difficult to keep track of all the Bookmarks you have placed? MarkPal implements a bookmark ring similar to the file ring. One key will take you to the next or previous mark. Add a mark without need to specify a letter: the next available letter will be used. The ListMarks function displays a picklist of current bookmarks beside the text of the corresponding lines.
Uploaded to CIS by: Jean Heroux [73257,2074] 2206 2004-05-25(May 25, 2004) MarkTokn.s for TSE Pro v2.5+. Marks and unmarks consecutive tokens (whole words or single non-word characters) in both directions. Intended as a handier way for the way Windows or CuaMark mark consecutive words with the Ctrl Shift Left and Right keys.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 1506 1995-10-15MARKWORD.S: two markword enhancement procs designed to mark successive words by repeating the same keystroke. One works forwards, the other backwards.
Uploaded by: Arnold Hennig 1286 1993-10-22Extended language matching macro. Matches xBase language control words such as if-else-elseif-endif do case-case-otherwise- endcase do while-enddo, etc. Uploaded by: Peter Birch 1675 1999-02-24(Feb 22, 1999) v2 - TSE Pro v2.5 and Pro/32 v2.8 Maxhist - Optimize history list sizes to such a maximum, so that history lists don't push each other's elements out. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 2536 2004-02-03(Feb 02, 2004) For GUI version of TSE Pro 4.0 upwards. - Roughly: sets TSE menu colors to Windows menu colors. Results can be beautiful or horrible depending on both color schemes. Easy to uninstall too.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 50165 1995-06-06MFFind is a multi-file search and replace utility, which supports most of the search replace options of The SemWare Editor (TSE) including Regular Expressions and Incremental Search. 37341 1995-11-22MFFind is a multi-file search and replace utility, which supports most of the search and replace options of The Semware Editor Pro (TSE Pro) including Regular Expressions. Author: Ray Asbury 2345 2011-06-07(Jun 24, 2007) - v1.0.0 of the MkSavDir macro.       Compatibility:   TSE Pro 2.5e upwards.

When you save a file to a non-existing directory, then this macro makes TSE offer to create that directory.

Author: Carlo Hogeveen 5040 1994-12-05Title: Maintain separate tab width/type settings per file
Keywords: TAB MULTITAB TSE 2.0
Description: MultiTab keeps separate tab with/type settings etc. for every file edited. This is my first attempt at writing TSE macros, so I've probably made a few mistakes Author: Ge Weijers 5108 2006-02-23(Jan 07, 2006) - TSE Pro (TSE Pro/32) v3.0 or greater. Mr_Hack opens a box on the right of your screen which shows the numeric value of the bytes at the current cursor position in many decimal and hexidecimal formats including as 8, 16, and 32 bit whole numbers, a 16 bit binary view, as well as 32 bit floats and 64 bit doubles. There are also three time formats, and the offset when TSE is in binary mode.
Author: Robert Keith Elias 659 1995-06-13Macros for moving a line or a lin block up or down in a file. 3662 1993-06-30Enhanced version of MOVEMENT.ZIP Now includes the ability to go to a location using line and/or column offsets!!! Uploaded by: Ray Asbury 7328 1994-08-26This is an update to my MPGP TSE/PGP user interface. I have added a few features to make it easier to use. ***for Beta Testers ONLY*** Uploaded by: Steve Schwartz 6530 1995-09-19The use of folds in TSE 2.0 will give you a birds-eye view of your file during editing. Try it, love it. . FOLD 1.0 has the following feattures: - multiple folds - nested folds - same fold name in different files are OK - starting and ending fold line sysntax allows for commenting out fold bounderies in any programming language I know of - foldnames can be 64 characters long
Uploaded by: Marc Spruijt 6028 2001-10-09(Apr 17, 2001) Mswheel Macro - TSE Pro/32 v3.0 - Wheel mouse support for TSE Pro/32. See file for instructions. Author: Chris Antos 2637 1994-11-30A minor upgrade to MULTI.S fixing various problems. MULTI.S contains extensions of find, replace, and count to the TSE editor version 1.0, permitting searches and replacements across buffers. Version 1.1. 3305 1994-11-21A macro to add support for Multiple Printer Settings to TSE. Version 1. Uploaded by: David Marcus
   FileName    FileSize      Date Posted     
Description 5065 1993-10-15Documentation file for named clipboards (NAMECLIP.ZIP),\. Uploaded by: David Marcus 13728 1993-10-12Use NAMED CLIPBOARDS w/picklists for all TSE clipboard functions. Includes enhanced Paste- Over for all block types, and Cut&BlankFill. CBs can be viewed, edited, printed, renamed, deleted and saved to or read from disk. You can find a string in a clipboard and Repeat- Find. You can set: IncludeTextOnPicklists AutoNaming, BackupCB Y/N/Additive, UnMark After Copy, UnMark After Paste, Delete After Paste and Position After Paste BEGIN/END. Version 5.0.1 Uploaded by: David Marcus 843 1995-11-14TSE Pro - Named state save and restore allows you to save and restore state at any time. If you choose to accept the default TSEState.dat, you can restore with e -r. Or you may choose other names to allow multiple states to be saved. Author: Dave Guyer 3966 1995-09-11This program gives The SemWare Editor An NewBookMarks, It Is Free For Every One Who Want to Use it.
Author: James Coffer 13176 1994-10-13Free collection of color template files for The SemWare Editor 2.0. Enables color syntax highlighting of many files using TSE's "Colors" macro. Uploaded by: Tom Bowden 2204 1994-11-21Ray Ashbury's search slightly modified. Uses system buffers and hides numeric info. Uploaded by: Stuart Warren 2635 1993-08-07Enhencement to the TSE COMPILE Macro, NextErr/PreviousErr Jumps to the NextError or to the Previous error. If the error happend in an include file, the file is loaded. NOT a stanalone macro but an enhencement to user interface file. READ INSTRUCTION. Uploaded by: Manfred Luft
nextpunc.s 1336 1995-09-22NextPunc.s is a replacement for a macro by the same name included in 'EdMac.S' sent in a couple weeks ago. That one was broken! I am sorry for any confusion. This one works!
Uploaded by: Ed Marsh 4535 2004-10-05(Oct 03, 2004) - NoLines for TSE Pro v2.5 upwards.
  • NoLines switches line numbers on/off in Find-lists.
  • Version 3 replaces version 2, (Jun 26, 1999), which didn't work for TSE 4.0 upwards.
  • Needs,,
  • Author: Carlo Hogeveen replaces dated Jun 26, 1999
   FileName    FileSize      Date Posted     
Description 12965 2002-06-16(Jun 16, 2002) TSE Pro/32 v2.8/3.x/4.x - "OnlyOne" allows only one copy of TSE to run on a windows 9x/NT/2000 platform. When you edit a file from outside of the editor, the single instance of TSE gets notified. It then opens the file, and brings itself to the foreground.
  • Updated to solve focus issues under Win98 and Windows 2000. It can also now work with programs that expect the editor to terminate only when you are finished editing a file. (When you quit the file, TSE stays open, but control returns to the calling application.)
  • Updated to work properly with the Becky Mail Client (allowing you to use TSE as Becky's message editor).
  • It also has the ability to autosave all files when it looses focus. See included file.
Authors: Rick VanNorman, Michael Graham replaces dated May 22, 2002 5785 2005-09-07(Sep 04, 2005) - OpenType 1.3 for TSE Pro 4.4 upwards. When opening a file don't get a fixed list of filetypes but get a list of filetypes based on TSE's history. You can set a filetype TSE should always start with. You can group filetypes on their program association. OpenType is only effective when the TSE-option Use Common File Dialogs is ON.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 13138 1995-11-21OS2CLIP.S Version 0.8, Nov 19, 1995 - Clipboard server and TSE interface macro to access the OS/2 clipboard from TSE. Works by using a native server appli- cation (CSERVER.EXE) to get access to the clipboard contents. The server pro- gram is started from within TSE auto- matically on macro start up. Only text entries supported. Cut, paste and copy operations are possible. Now also functional under OS/2 Warp!
Uploaded by: Manfred Luft 55385 1996-09-27OS2CMD.ZIP contains a TSE-Pro 2.5 macro with a utility, the combination of which allows a TSE-Pro user to issue an OS/2 (2.1 or higher) command from TSE and to return to the originating TSE session with the captured screen output from the OS/2 command in a new file. 4793 2001-06-25Formatting Macro - TSE Pro v2.5 and Pro/32 Formats sql "insert scripts" to be more editable. Author: Carlo Hogeveen.
   FileName    FileSize      Date Posted     
pctags.s 4558 1993-04-22Macro Proc to use PC-Tags Uploaded by: Ron Hockemeier 7875 1994-10-18TSE 2.00 macro to interface with the PGP encryption program. Will encrypt by block or file; clear text sign, get a Public key, insert you Public key, and en-ecrypt the current file. (Oct 18, 1994) version 0.032. Also contains untested TSE Jr. macros for PGP Uploaded by: Tom Klein 11396 1995-10-27PGPTSEAW.ZIP -- 26 Oct. 1995 PGPAW.S--a TSE Pro macro to use PGP to encrypt, decrypt, sign, insert public key, and sign messages, etc. for email. Based on PGP032.S by Tom Klein, but greatly changed by Anthony Williams. Includes some added helps for using PGP and a macro to produce two windows in TSE when invoked from the command line. Requires TSE Pro (aka The Semware Editor) 2.5 (2.0 with modification) and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). Ideal for use with Tapcis, Ozcis,..
Uploaded by: Anthony Williams 1834 2004-06-11(Jun 10, 2004) - PickFil2.s - TSE Pro v3.0+. This macro shows a picklist with only directory and filenames, in other words without date, time, size and attributes.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 1727 1993-05-06A helper macro, picklist() lets you display any file as a picklist from within your macro. If the use selects a line, its contents can be used by your macro. If [esc] is pressed, your macro will know it. Uploaded by: David Marcus 3820 1995-10-18sample macro using PICKLITE.BIN which hilights lines in a picklist that begin with some string. (like the ViewFinds() command does). this sample macro hilights directorie in a pickfile list. 2728 1996-08-03TSE template file for Povray v3.0 1633 1994-11-30vmProgNav is a procedure for vertically movin through programs, outlines, and other structured texts. Hard to describe quickly, very easy to use, it makes clever guesses abo whether you need to go to a higher, the same, or even a lower level. Ignores blank lines. Needs only two keys (an up and a down). Only 329 bytes compiled. Perfect for traversing "if... else... endif", "while... endwhile", a all similar constructs. Full source code. 2286 1993-06-10Set of printer macros, including a binary proc that uses a BIOS call to check the printer port. Also contains replacements for some internal commands to take advantage of the hardware port check. Uploaded by Ray Waters. Uploaded by: Ray Waters 1627 1994-01-28Selected Epson Printer Codes Uploaded by: Arnold Hennig 9173 2002-06-19Profile v1.3.5 (Dec 12, 2001): Macro for reading and writing INI files. Based on Chris Antos INI.MAC (INI110.ZIP), but it has been modified to use the same syntax and functionality as the (undocumented) GetProfile* commands now provided by TSE/32.
  • Platform: TSE 2.5 (DOS) Only
  • Requirements: none
Author: Chris Antos, Michael Graham
Homepage: replaces dated May 03, 2001 236857 2002-05-19(May 19, 2002) PROJ v2.00 Requires TSE Pro/32 v2.8 or higher. - Automatically configures itself the first time you run it.
  • For programmers, it supports CTags and BSC symbol information.
  • No more having to remember paths; PROJ builds a list of all the files in your project and autocompletes them for you.
  • Remembers keyboard macros, clipboard, and more between editing sessions.
  • Associate projects with directories, and automatically load the appropriate project when TSE is started from that directory.
  • Now with a DLL that makes it much faster than before! - See README.TXT inside for more info.
    *Note: projdll.dll requires msbsc60.dll (which, in turn, requires msvcrt.dll).
    msbsc60.dll is contained in BSCKIT60.EXE which is available from 'Browser Toolkits for Microsoft Visual C ++'
    BSCKIT60.EXE is a self-extracting zip file and contains nested subdirectories. Once extracted, you will find msbsc60.dll in the "bin" subdirectory. Copy msbsc60.dll to the editor's load directory OR your "Windows System directory".
Author: Chris Antos
Replaces PROJ0110.ZIP dated May 12, 1998 2488 2004-06-15(Jun 13, 2004) - PromColr.s - Tse Pro v4.0+. This macro's default action is to color TSE prompts consistently with other TSE color settings, and to solve the viewing problem if some prompt colors are the same. Alternatively it lets you set prompt colors yourself. For the latter it needs to be pre-installed.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 1647 1993-06-27Macro to copy functions to a prototyping area at the top of a C program. Uploaded by: Gregg Conklin 2195 1995-09-19prtsc 1.00
Uploaded by: Mike Chambers 2094 1993-07-28PRint WHITE - Version 1.0 - Allows for the including of private notes, comments, concerns within a document. BUT when the document is printed only the public (non-secret) sections are printed. Macro for the The Semware Editor (TSE) Version 1.0. Uploaded by: Richard Hendricks
   FileName    FileSize      Date Posted     
Description 33795 1995-09-13TSE 2.50 macro that will "read" the configuration options and keyboard assignments from TSE Jr. versions 2.07 or greater and TSE Jr. Creates TSE Pro compatiable configuration files from the respective Q.EXE and QCONFIG.DAT files. 178864 2002-07-03(Jul 03, 2002) QuietFlight v3.5 Programming and xBase Tools add-on for TSE Pro v4.0:
  • Features: Where Am I?, Window Coordinates, Screen Counter, Revert file to original, Save all modified files, View DBF structures, Re-flow source code, Insert Color Codes from Table, update coordinates in source code, and *much* more!
See file for details. 93662 1997-08-15QuietFlight v3.5 Shareware Demo: Programming and xBase Tools add-on for TSE Pro 2.5! Features: Where Am I?, Window Coordinates, Screen Counter, Revert file to original, Save all modified files, View DBF structures, Re-flow source code, Insert Color Codes from Table, update coordinates in source code, and *much* more! 7471 1994-07-18Keyboard Accelerator for TSE Uploaded by: Ian Campbell 6285 1998-01-23(Jan 23, 1998) v2.00 (modified) - TSE Pro/32 v2.8 QKEYS v2.00 is a keyboard accelerator for TSE/Pro 2.6/2.8. It is a modified version of Ian Campbell's original macro - but with the brakes taken off. Simply add it to the AutoLoad list and Enjoy. Modified by: Ross Boyd <> 5873 1997-12-10(Jun 11, 1997) v0.97 revised - TSE Pro/32 v2.8 Macro to increase the repeat rate of the cursor keys. Author: Ian Campbell 2407 1994-10-22QUOTE v1.1. The Semware Editor (TSE) macro for use with BBS message readers. Places a first line quote giving incoming message sender, addressee, date, and subject. Can be a called macro or can operate automagically when a message is loaded into TSE. This macro is intended as a template for customization. Feel free to make it your own. Uploaded by: Mel Hulse
   FileName    FileSize      Date Posted     
Description 74241 1994-11-21TSE 2.0 (The Semware Editor) macros. You must have TSE 2.0 to use these. Reformat recipes in files exported from Fido-style message readers to "QBook" format. Add keywords to recipes formatted for the "QBook" recipe database program by Bob Butler. Tested with "Blue Wave" and GoldED. Uploaded by: Sallie Krebs 665 1994-11-30random number generator for TSE 1521 1994-11-21ReadFile() is a substitute for TSE's InsertFile command. The differences are: * It inserts the file as a line block. * It uses default extensions. Prompts for file name if file name not used as an argument. Updated for 1.52b. Uploaded by: David Marcus 1493 1993-05-13Emulates TSE Jr.'s 'file is read-only' message for TSE Uploaded by: Sammy Mitchell 9666 1996-03-30RECONFIG.S Version Mar 22, 1996 - TSE macro for use of different configurations. Author: Dr. Sieghard Schicktanz, Kreidestr. 12, 8196 Achmuehle Date: Feb 19, 1995 - initial Mar 22, 1996 - included writing of config file, full support of TSE Pro 2.5 Overview: This macro loads specific configurations 'on the fly' when the editor is already running. Can be used for adaptation to specific tasks or to set 4327 1995-02-22Reconfig TSE while running, by Sieghard Schicktanz
Uploaded by: Manfred Luft 4100 1993-07-28REMIND - Version 1.0 - REMINDer or ToDo Macro. This macro searches for a range of dates. Macro for the The Semware Editor (TSE) Version 1.0. Uploaded by: Richard Hendricks 5313 1993-06-12 vmReNumber is a TSE procedure for automatic text re-numbering, useful for preparing outlines, questionnaires, etc. Features: numerical numbering and alphabetical numbering in the form-- A,B,C,...,Y,Z,AA,AB,...etc, in caps and lower case. Supports any starting values, multiple independent numbering sequences, sequence reinitialization, increment suspension. By Volker Multhopp Uploaded by: Volker Multhopp 2896 1995-05-11An easy-to-use menu-driven regular expression tester, this macro shows you the results of a regular expression search (and/or replace). It lets you quickly tro different combinations of characters, options, etc so you can painlessly (ha!) see how regular expressions works. Includes online help for all regular expression characters.
Uploaded by: David Marcus 40666 1995-01-05Updated macros by Rob Howse. There are several handy macros included to box text, delete blank lines, blank the screen, along with some macros to assist your keyboard macros. New macros include updated FOLDING macro, and incremental backup. 3759 1995-06-12savedate.s and updated chkorig.s
Uploaded by: Rob Howse 3957 2005-09-15(Sep 09, 2005) rpm.s - Version 1 Revision 7 - Replace() Protection Macro - Written with TSE-PRO GUI 4.0. This macro protects text to the right of a column block from being pulled into the block when a replace text is shorter than the find text in a Replace() operation. This is for the specific instances where large amounts of find text (typically spaces) are removed using Replace(). Normally, when this is done in a column block, the text outside the block to the right is pulled into the block as the reducing replacements take place, and the pulled in text becomes part of the find text and replacement is done there, too. This macro is particularly beneficial when doing columns of text or data, since a properly marked column block will completely protect all columns to the right of the block from movement or change. See the Comments in the source for more information. Contact the author or get the latest revision at:
Author: Hayes Smith 1458 1993-04-23RPN expression evaluator for TSE. Syntax similar to FORTH or an HP calculator. Uploaded by author: Rick VanNorman Uploaded by: Rick Vannorman 1000 1994-11-30This is a TSE 2.0 macro to display a movable ruler on the screen. Helpful for counting spaces, positioning text, etc. 2140 1994-10-16mRULER. V2.1 This macro will give a virtual ruler on the line below the current cursor line. Features: * Places ruler under line of interest. * Works when screen is horizontally scrolled. * Supports offset starting column. * Default offset column is cursor column. * User can shift screen while retaining ruler by cursoring, tabbing, rolling, and Home/End. * Allows user configured ruler attribute Uploaded by: Mel Hulse
   FileName    FileSize      Date Posted     
Description 8693 1995-07-05Split & Scroll 2.2 (SAS) Macro for The Semware Editor v2.0. Splits the display into windows for each file opened. Allows simultaneous key and auto scrolling of the windows. Menu or Key driven. Very useful for 1stReader OLMR if you are using TSE as external editor.
Uploaded by: Alex Wilson 20772 1998-09-01(Jul 20, 1998) v3.2.08 - TSE Pro/32 v2.8 Replaces v3.2.01 dated Mar 12, 1998. Split & Scroll (SAS) Macro v3.2.08 Description: Splits the display into windows for each file opened. Allows simultaneous horizontal and vertical key and auto scrolling of the windows. Fully configurable scrolling. Scroll a number lines at a time. Different menu modes. Menu or Key driven. Please read the included SAS.txt file for more detailed information. Author: Alex S Wilson. 3269 1994-08-21New save macro implementing local, global and incremental saves. Re-upload of SAVE.ZIP. It had a last minute bug that this upload corrects. Uploaded by: Edgar Payne 879 1994-09-23A replacement SaveBlock command for TSE, for those who prefer the menu order of OVERLAY/APPEND as in v1.0. (v2 order is APPEND/OVERLAY) Uploaded by: Sammy Mitchell 1791 1993-04-21New version of the SAVER macro set, using the editor variable DosCmdLine (documented in the READ.ME file (I can't believe I didn't read it!)). Uploaded by author: Rick VanNorman Uploaded by: Rick Vannorman 1553 1994-03-21play notes with sound blaster & TSE Uploaded by: Luca Salvini 3457 2002-06-19SetCache v1.0.5 (Jun 19, 2002): Tools to allow macros to cache their settings in memory, but reload them from disk when necessary.
  • Platform: TSE Pro 2.x/3.x/4.x
  • Requirements: none
Author: Michael Graham
Homepage: replaces dated Mar 18, 2001 3937 1999-07-09(Jun 30, 1999) - Version 3 - TSE Pro/32 v2.8. Scheme macro and ini file for TSE Pro 2.8. Lets users (ex)change TSE's color settings by loading them from or saving them to an expandable set of color scheme's. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 1681 2002-06-06SCRATCH.S (Apr 09, 2001) - Quick scratch buffer (named clipboard) macro for TSE Pro/32. Provides fast multiple-clipboard support.
Written by Bill Stewart 4075 1995-01-23Screen blanker for TSE v2.0. Shows time in large letters. Configurable time.
Uploaded by: Bruce Riggins 4045 1994-11-30These macros allow the user to search a user provided filespec for a specified expression and displays matches in a list box (similar t mCompressView). The initial state of the file-ring is restored after the search. 11072 1994-10-15SelectHelpMenu() version 0.07 for TSE 2.00 Provides six(6) QuickHelp() type help screens You can either modify the information provided or you can use your own screens entirely. Uploaded by: Tom Klein 1344 2004-06-05(Jun 02, 2004) SetCmFnt.s - TSE Pro GUI versions. When starting CharMap, the standard Windows character chart, from within TSE, it starts for the last font selected in CharMap. By always running this macro first, CharMap starts for the current TSE font instead. Also works before Dieter Koessl's WinDlgs.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 2077 2003-06-16(Jun 11, 2003) SetUndo for TSE Pro for Windows (v3.0 or greater). Set TSE's undo logging on/off for file/session/always, when undo logging for too many changes makes TSE's memory requirements explode.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 6954 1996-10-01This is a free floating database for TSE Pro 2.5. No entry is too small or too large (depending on the amount of memory available). From Skip Gore. 1813 1996-11-09Show matching parenthesis, bracket, etc. Designed to be added into your UI file. By Chris Lee. 1721 2003-10-29(Mar 17, 2003) ShowCurr macro for TSE Pro v4.0 - I've taken the liberty to extend the ShowCurr macro with the following:
  1. Hex value of character under the cursor
  2. Total amount of lines in the file
  3. The flags of that file
  4. The total lines in current marked block.
Author: H. Pikaar replaces dated Dec 04, 2002 5906 2000-05-17(May 11, 2000) Sample TSE.UI mods to TSE Pro/32 - Purpose: To demonstrate how to customize the sign-on screen which displays when the editor is first invoked and which also displays after the last file is quit if quit-to-prompt is turned on. Author: Chris Shuffett. 99050 1998-01-02(Dec 20, 1997) v1.12 - TSE Pro/32 v2.8 Selector v1.12 displays a GUI listbox of the files in the TSE Pro/32 ring. Picking a file from the list box makes it the current file in TSE Pro/32. New for this version: -ability to close TSE by closing selector -ability to limit number of instances of selector windows Author: Chris Lee ( 3048 2004-06-15(Jun 13, 2004) - SlctColr.s - TSE Pro v2.5e+. This macro lets the user select one of TSE's colors. Although it can be run by itself, it is intended as a supplemental macro, to be called from other macros to select a color for something. This macro by itself sets or updates nothing.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 3940 2000-06-28(Jun 28, 2000) - Slice macro for TSE Pro/32 v2.8 - Slice macro and 4DOS batch files that can be used to split and reassemble large files. Author: Dieter Koessl. 1425 1993-10-05Terry Cox's "Slide" Macros. These macros work by "grabbing" a line, character, or block, and then causing that item to move along with the cursor, effectively "sliding" it around surrounding text. Though simple, I'm sure if you get into the habit of having this feature in your editor, you'll be hooked for life. Any comments on function and usage appreciated. Uploaded by: Terry Cox 2208 2002-07-25(Jul 24, 2002) - TSE Pro - Updated by Lanny Finch. These Slide macros work by "grabbing" a line, character, or block, and then causing that item to move along with the cursor, effectively "sliding" it around surrounding text. Though simple, I'm sure if you get into the habit of having this feature in your editor, you'll be hooked for life. -Terry Cox
Update of dated Oct 05, 1993 1569 1994-11-10Macro to slide a block across surrounding tex Slide a column block over existing text. When it reaches its destination, ENTER to paste it in place. The sliding block doesn't affect the layout of text around it, making this macro well suited for modifying cloumnar data such as menus and tables. 1359 1994-08-02Modifies the statusline using 2.0's hooks to display the current buffer's file's attributes and the current character's ASCII code in hex and decimal (almost exactly like that in TSE Jr/Mem-Res 3.0). It also uses Windows-like parsing to shorten the filename if it is too long to display. (Zipped with 2.04g) Uploaded by: Ray Asbury 4901 2004-07-24(Jul 24, 2004) - SmthScrl.s - TSE Pro v2.6+. SMTHSCRL -- Put this in your AutoLoad list to make the vertical scrollbar in TSE editing windows scroll proportional to how many pixels you move the mouse, rather than how many characters you move the mouse.
  • For TSE 2.6 and higher, both console and GUI versions.
See the enclosed SMTHSCRL.TXT for details.
Author: Chris Antos 12380 1994-12-01Title: The SOKOBAN game for TSE as a macro
Description: Here's the SAL version of SOKOBAN - in the fo of a TSE macro. This archive contains SOKO.S, 50 level files named LEVEL.01 to LEVEL.50 and documentation file SOKO.DOC. Author Gilles Kohl. Enjoy ! 6285 1993-05-22/Source and .MAC file for Klondike Solitaire, written in TSE macro language Uploaded by: David Goodenough 3991 1993-05-23A slightly enhanced version of the Klondike Solitaire macro, source only. Includes Help so you can see how to enter commands. Uploaded by: Mel Hulse 3866 1994-12-21This is a revised version of the Klondike Solitaire game by David Goodenough. Revised to work with TSE version 2.0.
Uploaded by: David Rife 3519 1994-10-11New (Sep 22, 1994) spellckk macro for TSEv2. This version fixes a problem that occurs when spellchk is run on a file that is on a LAN drive.
srchdsty.s 9573 1994-08-22TSE Macro to Delete Blank lines, or a specified string... becomes part of the "MacroMenu" Uploaded by: Jiggs Beam 3012 1994-11-21nice screen saver for TSE beta Uploaded by: Luca Salvini 4171 1996-03-07ScreenStar v1.1: A Norton Commander like screen saver for TSE-Pro. v1.00 written by Luca Salvini. v1.1 made by TSE user Miguel Farah (, with permission. New feature: some stars can have colors other than white (this is user controllable). 517 1994-12-01Title: Clock on Status Line for TSE 2.0
Description: TSE 2.0 macro to display a running clock on the status line. Configures itself for your placement of the status line in the setup and is aware of your line and column settings on EGA/VGA systems. Public Domain by Dave Navarro, Jr 11516 1993-07-19STRSTUFF.ZIP contains routine that support general TSE bit sets, allowing setting, clearing, testing, etc. of individual bits..There is also a routine that will replace individual characters in a string without using substrings. Uploaded by: Jack Hazlehurst 1615 2004-03-01(Mar 01, 2004) SvFntChn for GUI versions of TSE. This macro automates optionally saving TSE's settings after you have changed a font setting.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 71052 1995-03-09SwissArmyTool v1.1 - TSE menu: multi-purpose programmer's utility macro. Public domain [ 03, 2006], by DDA. This package collects, into a single TSE menu, many of the standard programmer's charts, utilities, calculators, etc. Also a number convertor and calendar.
Uploaded by: David Daniel Anderson 700 1993-08-23a very strange charset Uploaded by: Luca Salvini 1562 1995-06-19SyncAll.s This program gives The SemWare Editor An Sync for Up to Four Windows. Date: June 18, 1995 Overview: No Comments
Author: James Coffer 41173 2005-09-15(Sep 04, 2005) SynCase v6 for TSE Pro 2.5 and 2.8 thru 4.4.
  • When you are typing it formats known sets of keywords to their predefined combination of upper and lower case letters. Or you can "case" a whole file at once.
  • From TSE Pro 2.8 upwards it uses TSE's own syntax hiliting keywords to determine their predefined casing.
  • For TSE Pro 2.5 it is preconfigured for TSE's own macro language and Cobol.
  • For higher TSE Pro versions it contains a "cased" SAL syntax hiliting file wich in SynCase v5 was updated for TSE Pro 4.4. SynCase v6 makes SynCase clean up its _edit_file_ history, which was disturbing the OpenType macro.
  • Needs,,
Author: Carlo Hogeveen replaces dated Aug 22, 2004 67634 1998-05-07(May 07, 1998) v0.57 - For TSE Pro v2.5 ONLY SYNHI 0.57. compiled for TSE 2.50. Syntax highlighter, interactive configuration, real-data parsing. Source code not included. Author: Bruce Riggins.
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Description 50491 1993-07-19TABOLATE.ZIP contains a set of routines for en-tabbing text files in TSE. You can set up its rules by programming its state machine. It's faster than the EnTab() macro that comes with TSE in the file TABUTILS.S. Uploaded by: Jack Hazlehurst 4203 1995-10-09TABUL21 Shows, Sets, and Resets VarTabs Version 2.1 (Sep 28, 1995) by Paul Lenz. TABUL21.S contains: SetTabulator() sets variable tabs ClrTabulator() clears variable tabs ShowTabs() displays tabstops, margins, and the cursor position like this line: L | -| | | | | R cursor--^ ^--^--variable tabs
Uploaded by: Proppi 5231 1993-06-05TCD11.ZIP -- Change Directory/Drive macro for The SemWare Editor (TSE) -- Version 1.1 -- Easily move between drives and paths (DOS 5 DIR switches used to create directory reference file) (ZIPped with PKZIP Version 2.04) Uploaded by: Richard Hendricks 11186 1995-09-19TextView is a full-text search and retrieval tool for text files which contain a repeated discernible structure. The macro takes advantage of TSE large file and virtual memory capability to allow rapid access to a user definable set of text resources. Examples of common text resources include: Ralf Brown's DOS Interrupt List; Tom Klein's TSE Tip files; various *.DOC files; BBS 'Allfiles' listings, source libraries, etc. 10396 1995-10-18TextView is a full-text search and retrieval tool for text files which contain a repeated discernible structure. The macro takes advantage of TSE large file and virtual memory capability to allow rapid access to a user definable set of text resources. Examples of common text resources include: Ralf Brown's DOS Interrupt List; Tom Klein's TSE Tip files; various *.DOC files; BBS 'Allfiles' listings, source libraries, etc. Version 1.10 adds support for untagged file.
Uploaded by: Mike Chambers 205121 2005-08-23(Aug 22, 2005) - These utilities are mostly by Bill Hutchison of Anchorage Alaska. They work from a command prompt and are shareware, but aren't crippled in any way. See THC.DOC for brief descriptions. 554309 2005-08-23(Aug 22, 2005) - These demo a simple data retrieval capability based on text search tools. They use MATCH to find lines and PPM to find paragraphs. See THCDEMOS.DOC (included) for installation help. 3462 1994-09-10TickTimr is a set of timing routines based on the PC system tick timer. Written entirely in SAL using the INTR routines. Uploaded by: Mike Chambers 3209 1993-11-09TSE macros for seven(7) different forms of time, time and date implemented as PUBLIC macros. Sequel to the original 'timedate.s' Uploaded by: Tom Klein 972 1993-04-23TIME12 - TSE macro - returns time in 12 hour format - may be added to TIMEDATE.S macro by Tom Klein or used separately - Jim Fouch. Uploaded by: Jim Fouch 1380 1994-11-30This macro will save all currently changed files with the SaveAllFiles() command, based a user-defined save interval. Every time the space bar is pressed, the interval is checked If elapsed, SaveAllFiles() is executed. SAL source code, zipped with PKZIP 2.04g.
tp25gfix.txt 2203 1995-11-10Diese Textdatei enthalt den aktuellen Stand der bekannten Bugs in TSE Pro 2.5 Deutsch 1379 1994-11-11this tse 2.0 macro saves your work every 5 minutes or so Uploaded by: Ton Teuns 5595 1995-08-14Title: Using TSE and/or TSE Jr. with TAPCIS
Description: Macro source code and instructions for using either TSE Pro or TSE Jr. -- or both -- a external editors with TAPCIS 6.0. Instructions show how to set up the editors and invoke the included start-up macros to split the screen when replying to messages. The author releases this information to the Public Domain. Feel free to use or modify any of the macros. Uploaded by author. (Thanks to ... preparing these macros.)
tse.ico 766 1993-07-31Another TSE icon for windows. The credit goes to TSE Registered user Jim Knoble of Chapel Hill, NC. I just saw it and he gave me permission to upload it here. Uploaded by: P. Holt
tse2.ico 766 1994-10-18Windows 3.1 icon for TSE Uploaded by: Larry Ottersbach 334 1994-10-18Windows 3.1 Icon for TSE v2.0 Uploaded by: Tom Kellen 18753 2000-11-06(Nov 03, 2000) - Unicode macro - TSE Pro/32 v2.8. Attached is a package to convert ascii to unicode and back for tse32. A worthy utility, I think. It's a dll with some tse.ui stuff. Author: Cornel Huth ( 786 1994-09-24SEMWARE.ICO. An OS/2 icon for the Semware Editor, Version 2. Reflects the cover design of the new manuals. Replaces my Tessie Monster icon showing how I am getting used to the every day power of this great text editor! Uploaded by: Mel Hulse 802 1994-08-06A 3d TSE v.2 OS/2 icon. Time has passed and the old, flat icons are passe. Here is an update to the Tessie monster icon I posted so long ago. I hope all of you, including Richard B., like it! You don't use OS/2? For shame! To SemWare, permission granted to include it with TSE, if you wish. Uploaded by: Mel Hulse 7867 1995-10-17TSE Booklet Printer (1.10) Reduce your paper use up to 75% and still keep your eyesight! TSEBook prints your current buffer to any PCL compatible printer with four 80x66 images per page, two on each side. Version 1.10 adds full support for duplexing as well as bug fixes & optimization. When its time to print the back pages.
Uploaded by: Mike Chambers 5139 1994-04-16********************************************* TSE-Cal. TSE Macro v2.0. Floating point arithmetic macro to work on text in The SemWare Editor. Add, subtract, multiply, divide, and percent plus column tabulate and average. Paste the results at the cursor. Supercedes the April 1994 version. Includes upgrades to Curtis Repen's math macro by Mel Hulse. Now works with comma delimited numbers and dollar signs. More error checking and comments. Still has a few problems with Uploaded by: Mel Hulse 1361779 2005-07-09(July 01, 2005) - The SemWare Editor Professional Console v4.4 for Windows (Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP or greater). - Test Drive version. TSE Pro Console v4.4 is a Windows Console (text mode) text editor. Offers Multilevel Undo/Redo; long filename support; Multiple files/windows; option to search subdirectories for matching files when loading or selecting files; context-sensitive help system; color syntax highlighting; regular expression search/replace; incremental search; Optionally specify search operations to include all loaded files, current marked block, or current line; macro to search external files for a string; dynamic visual brace match macro; option to resize your screen to whatever columns/rows Windows allows; hex/binary editing; spelling checker; interactive configuration; macro programming language with debugger; multi-language compiler support; configurable menus/keyboard/commands; column blocks; bookmarks; templates; sort; compare files; compressed view; and MUCH more! This console mode version of the editor is ideal for anyone that wants to manipulate text and remain in the existing command prompt window from which it is started. 93716 1995-05-04Title: TSE 2.0 File Manager Version 3.1
Description: TSEFile is a file manager for TSE, implemented exclusively using TSE's own macro programming language, SAL. It allows you to execute all basic file management tasks without leaving TSE, e.g. copying, renaming and deleting files. Moreover, version 3.0 of TSEFile implements some advanced techniques, which include:
  • copying and moving directory trees
  • searching files by name and by text (grep)
  • managing 4dos compatible file descriptions
  • running programs and associated files
  • viewing and extracting archived files 1048 1994-12-01Title: Extension to TSE.S to log editing activity
Description: This is a self-extracting archive of an addition to TSE.S to cause The SemWare Editor to log each file edited to a log file on the hard disk 1380721 2005-07-09(July 01, 2005) - The SemWare Editor Professional v4.4 for Windows (Win95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP or greater) - Test Drive version. GUI interface; Wheel Mouse; Font selection; Single-instance mode option; Transparent mode option; Keep Window on Top option; Multilevel Undo/Redo; long filename support; Multiple files/windows; option to search subdirectories for matching files when loading or selecting files; context-sensitive help system; color syntax highlighting; regular expression search/replace; incremental search; Optionally specify search operations to include all loaded files, current marked block, or current line; macro to search external files for a string; dynamic visual brace match macro; option to resize your screen to whatever columns/rows Windows allows; hex/binary editing; spelling checker; interactive configuration; macro programming language with debugger; multi-language compiler support; configurable menus/keyboard/commands; column blocks; bookmarks; templates; sort; compare files; compressed view; and MUCH more! Ideal for anyone that needs to manipulate text. 23917 2004-07-26(Jul 25, 2004) - TSESHELL 4.2a - TSE Pro v2.6+. - Use a TSE buffer to run a DOS shell within.
  • Requires TSE 2.6 or higher, and Windows NT or higher (including XP, 2K, 2K3, etc).
Updated by: Chris Antos 11618 1996-04-17TseShell.S 0.99/15.04.96 - TseShell 0.99 allocates a buffer which can be used almost like a normal editing buffer, except that every line where the "Enter" key is pressed at is interpreted as a Dos command to be executed. Commands can be "batched" by marking an enclosing block and pressing "Enter" (the Execute key). Program output will end up in the command buffer, where it can be edited and reused. A help function is 22156 1999-10-07(Jul 09, 1999) Replaces TSESHX20.ZIP - TSE Pro/32 TseShExt includes files and macros which allow you to tightly integrate TSE32 (v2.8 or later) into the Windows 95/98 and NT4 shell. This includes additional context menu entries and a shell new entry for some editor related file types. Author: Dieter Koessl 3708 1994-11-30Now you can use 132 column text modes with TS if your video card supports it. This macro addon makes it possible to toggle between you big screen video mode and whatever convention mode you started in simply by pressing (say) F12. The source is all here (TASM Ideal mode SAL)./EXIT 3687 1994-10-06ANSI.S Version 1.1 - This is an attempt at programming an inter- preter or viewer for ANSI files for TSE. Version 1.1 corrects some problems with cursor positioning contained in the previous posting. (Text output did not move the cursor proper- ly, default parameter values were improperly interpreted as 0 instead of 1, newlines did not wrap to column 1.) There's still the line length limitation to 255 characters maximum. Uploaded by: Manfred Luft 24339 1994-03-07This is a complete replacement for the SEMWARE mCompile() routine. It supports multiple compilers and on-the-fly setup without having to re-burn E.EXE. All you should have to do is supply the error search criteria and basic compiler commands, and it will automatically adjust for a variety of error message output. I think you might want to include something like this in your distribution... H. Johnson 70144,2650 Uploaded by: Hilliard Johnson 15230 1994-10-13'tse_tip3' TSE (The SemWare Editor) Tips and macros collected from messages and notes. Updated and checked for TSE 2.00 Covering the period of 'Mar 08, 1994' to 'Sep 27, 1994'. Uploaded by: Tom Klein 17597 1994-11-06'tse_tip4' Macros and Tips for TSE (The SemWare Editor) version 2.00 macros collected from messages and notes. Covering the period of 'Sep 27, 1994' to 'Nov 06, 1994'. In addition 4 'OLD but GOLD' macros. Continuing series of tips and macros. Uploaded by: Tom Klein 37028 1995-02-16'tse_tip5' Macros and Tips for TSE (The SemWare Editor) version 2.00 macros collected from messages and notes. Covering period of 'Nov 06, 1994' to 'Feb 07, 1995'. Continuing series of tips and macros. Public releases 3, 4, and 5 27458 1995-09-22'tse_tip6' Macros and Tips for TSE (The SemWare Editor) Pro version 2.5 Macros collected from messages and notes. Covering period of 'Feb 07, 1995' to 'Sep 20, 1995'. Continuing series of tips and macros. Public releases tip3, tip4, tip5, and now this file: tip6 Formatted for use with Mike Chambers TextView macro - ''
Uploaded by: Tom Klein 54373 1995-10-27TSGREP reads files, prepares a list of lines that have a search string, and lets you go back and forth between the list and files. Includes across_line_search, use of -or- and -and- in searh, recursive search of sub- directories. Regular expressions *optional*. Can include up to 9 lines around each find. Can exclude files by date or extension. This is a fast and powerful GREP utility that extends TSE's regular expression searching. Menu or command line driven. v6.5 ... faster 56489 1997-06-20SAL macros by Prof. Timo Salmi, the University of Vaasa, Finland, to enhance the SemWare Editor version 2.5. 55142 2005-01-12(Jan 09, 2005) contains SAL macros to enhance the SemWare Editor version 4.0+ for Windows.
Author: Prof. Timo Salmi of the University of Vaasa, Finland.
Author URL 8869 1994-09-19TView 1.4 is an emulation of LIST.COM. For TSE 2.0 & zipped with 2.04g Uploaded by: Ray Asbury 865 1993-05-01Simple macro to exchange the two characters immediately to the left of the cursor. Uploaded by: Luigi Bianchi 14138 2000-10-13(Oct 11, 2000) TSE Pro/32 macro makes TSE make typewriter sounds when typing. Author: Carlo Hogeveen.
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Description 9653 2005-08-25(Aug 25, 2005) - umm.s - Version 1 Revision 30 - a macro written with TSE-PRO GUI 4.0. This macro works with a raw TSE-PRO or TSEJr User Macro html page copied from the SemWAre site and pasted as text into TSE. The macro converts that raw unformatted text into a sortable column format. The macro then has the ability to convert this column format into a more readable paragraph format, and back again. Both the macro-created TSE-PRO and TSEJr formats use the same column and paragraph placement and appearance. An extensive description help screen is available at the start menu. The latest revision can be found at my SemWare Users Group site:
Author: Hayes Smith 2061 2001-05-14(May 14, 2001) TsePro 16 + 32: 2.5, 2.8, 3.0. This macro undoes and redoes a maximum of 10 jumps in or between files. For instance after jumping around with Finds, this macro can take you back and forth places. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 794 1995-01-23Line Undo for use when background macros change the line, effectively blocking th possibility of undoing the current line.
Uploaded by: Bruce Riggins 865 1996-06-11A macro that removes duplicate lines. Sort first for a complete clean-up. June 6, 1996, Sjoerd W. Rienstra in cooperation with Chris Antos. 9981 1998-02-09(Feb 09, 1998) v2 - TSE Pro v2.5, Pro/32 v2.8 Description: A macro for simple Undo Redo implementation for both versions of TSE. Author: Carlo Hogeveen <> 2587 1998-09-01(Aug 22, 1998) TSE Pro v2.5 and TSE Pro/32 v2.8 This macro will add the macro descriptions from a source Potpourr.dat file to a destination Potpourr.dat file, overwriting duplicate descriptions. Author: Carlo Hogeveen. 1501 1995-09-22Title: TSE 2.5 Macro to Shift Lines 7319 2001-01-08(Dec 29, 2000) - TSE Pro v2.5 and TSE Pro/32 v2.x - This posting of UUTSE230.ZIP includes source. You will need to compile the included source with "sc" or "sc32" (as appropriate) to use. uuTSE -> UU/XX/MIME64 encode/decode v2.30 for TSE Pro v2.50 and TSE Pro/32 v2.8. This package contains macros to decode and encode files. Author: Fabio Ferrero
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Description 4971 1993-04-05A "Visual" diff utility for TSE, highlights all diff at once Uploaded by: Jim Susoy 1079 1995-08-21A small macro to create temporarily a vertical cursor for (for example) the lining-up of do,for,etc.-loops. 5034 1994-09-20VGA VESA macro for The Semware Editor Allows to switch the editor to any text mode that your VGA graphics card supports, requires VESA compatible card Uploaded by: Manfred Luft 72632 2002-07-25(Jun 29, 2002) - Vga2Fon is a tool for converting old DOS VGA fonts into Windows fonts. This tool was created to help generate monospace fonts for use with The Semware Editor Professional (TSE Pro), but the fonts can be used with any Windows program.
  • Note that the fonts are bitmap fonts, not TrueType fonts, so they are not scalable.
  • See the readme.html file (included in zipfile) for more details.
Author: Chris Antos 8372 1995-02-22A TSE emulation of the unix vi command mode. Based on an earlier version posted by Charlie Harris. vi has some interesting movement and text replacement commands that might be of interest to someone who has no interest in using the vi interface itself. Version by Arnold Hennig.
Uploaded by: Arnold Hennig 2334 1994-11-30vmFill() is a strong replacement for FillBlock(), but just as easy to use. Fills any type block with a string, not just one character. String can either be wrapped line-to-line or aligned in character columns. Recognizes left margins if in use. Source file. 1233 1994-11-30vmRingFind() is a modest but very serviceable search- all- files- in- ring macro. You real need something like this burned in with your TSE editor. Source file. 7935 1994-11-30vmWrapPara 1.1 is a straight replacement for TSE's WrapPara, for writers who at times need to retain trailing white space (or use two spaces to mark sentence ends). Ca. 690 bytes compiled. Extensive source code includes chitchat on paragraph end styles, enhancements, and plenty of opportunities for personalizing paragraph reformatting.
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Description 4941 1996-04-02Win95Xit shuts down TSE, if it is running in a windowed session under Win95 after the user has chosen the Windows Close command. Moreover, it displays the current filename as the title of the window. This also includes some hints how you can start TSE from the Windows Explorer loading marked files. 1634 2011-06-06(May 29, 2011) - The Which macro.       Compatibility:   TSE Pro 2.8 upwards.

Lists either the PATH directories that TSE sees, or files in these directories that match a filenamepart that you supply, in the order that the directories occur in the PATH environment variable.

Usually a command like this is used to determine which program will be executed when it is started without its fully qualified name.

Author: Carlo Hogeveen 6740 1997-06-20For TSE Pro/32. WHTSPC adds a few handy visual elements, such as whitespace, bookmarks, a cursorline indicator, and a right margin indicator. Each of these can be toggled on/off from a handy menu. Author: Chris Antos 28895 1996-05-20This macro package allows you to access some of the new Windows 95 features from TSE. It includes Win95Xit v1.20. It also includes two new macros to open/save files using long file names. 2488 2005-02-10(Feb 07, 2005) - WinAnim for TSE Pro 4.0 upwards. Animates the TSE-window when you open or close TSE, using simple standard animations like (reversed) minimize, appear from or vanish into the screen's center, blend out from or blend into the background, slide into or out of the screen, or a random selection of these animations.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 7957 1995-01-23WinClip allows you to directly copy your marked blocks into the windows clipboard. It also can retrieve text data from the clipboard and paste it into your file. Thus the communaction between TSE and your favorite windows application becomes much more efficent and easier. 549878 2005-06-06(Jun 01, 2005) - Windows dialog boxes v0.96 for SAL, by Dieter Koessl. This macro is a run time library which implements Windows style dialog boxes for SAL macros. This macro is not meant to be directly executed by the user. The file WindDlgs.dll is an integral part of this package. It is written using Borland's Delphi and implements the actual dialogs. See readme.txt for details.
Author: Dieter Koessl replaces dated Oct 20, 2003 4111 2004-10-05(Oct 03, 2004) - WinUnMrk for TSE Pro 4.0 upwards. WinUnMrk unmarks Windows-blocks after direction keys. A Windows-block is what TSE calls a _non_inclusive_ block.
Author: Carlo Hogeveen 2616 1993-11-01A word counter macro for TSE (The Semware Editor), pre-release version 1.0. If a block is marked, words in the block are counted; if no block is marked, words in the file are counted. Macro version: 1.0 Uploaded by: David Mayerovitch 16222 1994-10-18Updated WP.UI flle. Uploaded by: Richard Blackburn 62383 1994-10-02WordPerfect For Programmers user interface for TSE v2.0. Interface uses WP keystrokes wherever possible and adds in most of the neat TSE functions for programmers! Release v2.0 (Oct 01, 1994) Uploaded by: Mike Hammer 1954 1995-03-16Title: Fix for WS Block Marking in TSE Pro 2.0
Description: This is a replacement for the WS/TSE Jr. style block marking package included in the WS.UI and TSEJR.UI files distributed with TSE 2.0. It attempts to fix several problems, including cursor movement in onther buffer when marking blocks and some losses of block markings after move and copy operations. Self-extracting archive: download with a protocol and run to extract content to current directory. Use as replacement for corresponding part of UI. Hacked by the contributor, not a product of Semware. 33290 1993-09-11This set of routines enhances your productivity by adding the following features to sem-edit: o Stores last position in a saved file o Be able to load files with only partial filnames (even multiple filename) o Search files for text fragments, load the files and goto first occurances. There are others but this is worth taking a look at. The front end service can also be used with other program (like 4print). Uploaded by: Doug Joseph 721 1994-11-30A (small) collection of TSEv1 SAL macros that enhance existing functions, or implement functions not migrated from TSE Jr. v2.15. For this upload, only the following exist: mEOL() // A "smart" EndLine() mBegLine() // A "smart" BegLine() mHalfPgDn() // Missing from TSEv1! mHalfPgUp() // Ditto!
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Description 5362 1998-03-31A (Feb 15, 1998) XBASE.SYN for TSE Pro/32 v2.8 Description: XBASE syntax file I created for use with TSE Pro/32 to duplicate (for my needs at least) the COLORS.MAC syntax highlighting from TSE (DOS) for XBase PRG files. Submitted by: Joseph Paradi 10079 2002-06-19YACS - Yet Another Commenting System v1.1.8 (Jun 19, 2002): Allows line-based commenting for any programming language. Automatically uses the correct comment string for the type of file you are editing! Intelligently wordwraps comment blocks! Enter key continues comment from previous line! Joinline automatically deletes comment from next line before joining! Single key toggles comment/uncomment for a line or a whole block!
  • Platform: TSE Pro 2.x.
  • Requirements: The DOS version of TSE needs the 'Profile' package. Also, YACS works with (but does not require) the CurrExt package.
Author: Michael Graham
Homepage: replaces dated Mar 20, 2001 12090 1997-04-29TSE macro to edit dBase databases

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