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Since 1985, SemWare has been offering text-editing software to users around the world. Beginning with The SemWare Editor Junior products (formerly called QEdit), to its more recent Professional products, SemWare's goal has been to provide software that is useful and operates efficiently - and that can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences.
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The SemWare® Editor Professional (TSE Pro) Products:
  View features of Windows and DOS versions
The SemWare® Editor Junior (TSE Jr):
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Other Items of Interest            
  Yes, it works great with Windows 7-10 (both 32 and 64 bit versions)
•  Running an older version of TSE Pro for Windows with WINXP SP2? Unzip to editor's directory and replace existing tsort, tee32, and grep files if they are NOT dated (2004-08-31), tee32.exe (2003-06-20), and grep.exe (2003-06-12).
•  Need additional fonts for TSE Pro for Windows? and Links To Additional Fonts from the TSE-Pro file directory.
•  Uploaded to SemWare:  Recent User File Contributions
Updated: January 27, 2012
•  Download TSE Pro and TSE Jr. Macro Collections and Test-Drives
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